Monday, August 12, 2013

Marvel Legends SATANA!

SDCC Thunderbolts Boxset - Marvel Legends - Satana - Hasbro 2013

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Moonstone review comes the Satana Hellstrom, aka Judith Camber, aka daughter of Satan and sister of Daimon Hellstrom.  As I mentioned in yesterday's Moonstone review, I hardly know anything about the Thunderbolts beyond their similarities to the Suicide Squad.  What I really like about this character however is her resemblance to another character of whom I am very fond:  Lilith the Daughter of Dracula.  Lilith was a staple of 1970's pulp horror comics like Tomb of Dracula, Vampire Tales, and Legion of Night.  I don't know when Satana started looking like Lilith, but it's kind of uncanny.  Last time I took note of Ms. Hellstrom, she had reddish hair that was formed into a devil horns and she kind of dressed like a red leather satanic biker chick.  I'll post an image of Lilith below so you don't think I'm crazy.  This figure also uses the new Moonstone buck which I am in love with.  Satana isn't as flawless as Moonstone though because unfortunately her signature cape gets in the way of her hair.  That's a small gripe though for such a gorgeous toy.  Let's check her out below!

The Thunderbolts SDCC Exclusive boxset included 5 members of the team in a box designed to resemble Thunderbolts Tower.

Included are Satana, Ghost, Crossbones, Luke Cage, and Moonstone.


As I mentioned before, her cape really hinders her neck articulation, usually causing her to gaze upwards by default.

The back of her cape actually has a very interesting texture that looks like worn leather.  Very cool detail.

These face sculpts are so perfect it's killing me.


Her spell-casting hands are a nice touch.

Here are some images of her from the comics.

Here is how I mostly remember Satana looking

And finally, here is her doppelganger, Lilith.

Her cape is easily removable making her into a rather generic looking catsuited lady.  She would make for ideal (but extremely overpriced) custom fodder.


Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. OMG! You are so right! They morphed Satana into Lilith! The fact that Satana has been made is already amazing. I was gonna customized my Xtra Satana into classic Satana (with skulls, longer red hair), but now i'm thinking i could get a third one and make Lilith too. Gosh i love you, i get so much inspiration for my collection. I must have about more than half new ladies thanks to you.... Cheers!

    1. First of all, I'm very jealous that you have extra Satanas. These figures are beautiful, but I have never been able to catch the HasbroToyShop SDCC sale and aftermarket prices are ridiculous. Kudos to you for snagging some.

      Second of all, readers like you are the reason I write this blog. I just KNEW I wasn't alone in my isolated collecting bubble. I've logged way too many hours answering confused questions about my motivations and downplaying "doll" comments to have much hope in finding camaraderie. Half my friends don't know I'm an obsessive collector, and only three people know I even have this website. Yet, 1.5 years later, here I am successfully documenting all the wonderful ladies of plastic and constantly making contact with like-minded collectors. Plus, my favorite girl-toy resources had kind of dried up in recent years and I really wanted to fill the void. Thanks again for reading... lots more to come :)

  2. Satana Hellstrom is a fantastic inclusion in this set. Great name. Awesome look.

    Like Moonstone, I knew little about Satana until Hasbro showed this set. The children of Satan...interesting idea for comic book characters! I look forward to learning more about Satana & her family.

    Soo glad they used the the Moonstone buck, or 'Powerhouse' buck as Hasbro are calling it. The upcoming Black Cat looks superb on the body too.

    We are getting a good assortment of bodies now with the She-Hulk buck, thin female & powerhouse as well as the new teenage body for Jubilee.

    1. I'm excited to see the Jubilee body in person, but the Build-a-Figure thing is gonna frustrate me for sure.

      That Black Cat looks amazing. I haven't had much time to process all the SDCC reveals yet. Maybe this weekend I'll comb through all the news and post some belated reactions :)

      I've always been aware of the Hellstroms, but the first I ever really read of them was in the Hellcat miniseries from a few years ago. Damian was a big part of the story.