Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Funko POP! Heroes - DC Comics #34 (and Variants) - Funko 2013

I love that Harley Quinn has become so popular.  Batman has quite possibly the best rogues gallery of any superhero out there, so cracking the top of that roster can be a challenge.  But in 21 short years, Harley has now without a doubt earned her place in the top 10.  Yet she is more than 40 years younger than most of her peers, (with the majority of Bat-villains being created in the 1940s and all).  So now it's a given that we see a ton of Harley Quinn merchandise.  And I love that.  I think it's funny how initially hesitant I was to start collecting these Funko POP! vinyl figures.  I guess I took my hobby too seriously and thought I was above "cute" toys.  Of course, I eventually succumbed to their little cherub faces and now I have a shelf full.  Now I just need Batwoman, Poison Ivy, and Huntress to round out my Bat-Family.  I'm sure we'll see them eventually though because this line is extremely strong.  I picked up my Harley a few weeks ago in New York but she'll be released everywhere today through Diamond.   Let's check her out!

Did you catch that graphic on the back??  Yes, it looks like we'll be receiving a second Harley as figure #45.  I think I actually like that one better so I'll definitely be getting that.

The store I bought mine in had a ton in stock, but they all had paint masking issues.  The lines are pretty sloppy overall, but I still love the figure.

Okay, let's check out the variants.

First is a Metallic repaint exclusive to Conquest Comics.

Next is a Black & White exclusive from
 Harrison's Comics (This is listed for sale at their NYCC booth so I'll be getting one soon :))

There is a Glow in the Dark release that seems to be a chase variant shipped randomly.

And finally, the resculpt.  This one will probably have it's own slew of variants down the road.

Okay, Time for a Group Pic!



  1. I'll definitely have to get one of these - or two, since the one with the mallet is pretty sweet too!

    1. I'm just going to take the plunge and get them all! the metallic one is already at the PO waiting for me to pick her up, and I'll be grabbing the B&W at NYCC. The Glowing one eludes me, but I'm sure I'll find her eventually. Now we just need Poison Ivy!

  2. I found the Mallet version this weekend at Hot topic - it is a Hot Topic exclusive apparently. I will be blogging about her soon!

    1. Me too! I found her a couple weeks ago after people on the Funkofunatic boards mentioned finding her there. I also picked up the B&W and metallic versions at NYCC. I already photographed her, but I might wait until I get the Glow one and review them all at once. Did you find the Chibis?

    2. Awesome - looking forward to seeing them all together here!

      I saw the Chibis but didn't take the chance on them and didn't have time to try squeezing them. May go back and try soon though - at least I know where they are!