Friday, September 20, 2013

Green Lantern's SORANIK NATU!

Green Lantern: Series 5 - Soranik Natu - DC Direct 2011

One sure-fire way to experiment with a female version of an existing character is to introduce a long-lost daughter.  We've seen X-23's popularity take off, May Parker was a surprisingly successful Spider-Girl for over a decade, and we're about to be fully introduced to the mysterious Joker's Daughter this month.  In 2005 this formula was used to introduce us to Soranik Natu, the daughter of Sinestro.  Natu was a very reluctant Lantern.  She and her entire race judge the Green Lantern Corps (understandably) by the loathsome actions of their own sector's Green Lantern, Sinestro.  Natu was a neurosurgeon who only accepted the power ring in order to save a patient's life.  It took time and convincing (plus a convenient flash forward in the "One Year Later" storyline) in order for Saranik Natu to evolve into the upstanding Corps member we all know and love.  This figure is beautiful - as were all the final DC Direct figures. Sam Greenwell's sculpt is very different from his typical style, but it still looks fantastic.  Let's check her out!

You might notice that she shares the same buck with Dove and Jade - both also sculpted by Sam Greenwell.  I always felt that he had an extremely noticeable (in a good way) artistic style when it came to female action figures. His two signatures were voluptuous (yet strong) bodies and a slightly dynamic pose with one hip cocked to the side.  This didn't make the figures look overly pre-posed, but just served to make them look less rigid.  He's always been in my top five toy artists.  I have a feeling DC Direct requested he design a very static and re-usable buck for these figures,  Because, although it's very well done, I wouldn't have guessed it was his work if it wasn't labeled.

Soranik Natu came with a figure stand and a Lantern

Here is an assortment of images from the comics.

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  1. I loved this one, she's a favorite of mine :)

    1. Me too! I'm kicking myself for never getting Arisia though. I'd love to do a "Girls of Green Lantern" review someday :)

  2. i lucked out and found Arisia (and the elusive Green Lantern Batman) at a retail store over last year for like $14.00 or something- could not believe it