Monday, September 23, 2013

Walgreens DC Comics SUPER HERO DOLLS!

DC Comics Super Hero Dolls Collection - Series 01 - The Marketing Store 2013
I'm really not a fan of dolls, but I really am a huge fan of DC heroines.  So obviously this set was torture for me.  The factors that led me to cave in and purchase the set were (1) the cheap price of $4.99 each and (2) The fact that I'm surrounded by a million tempting Walgreens stores.  But as it turns out, regardless of how many stores I may have near me, this set was extremely hard to complete  (I had been trying since early June).  It seems that only a few select stores even carry these dolls, and those that do usually only get two dolls in.  Just two.  Not a bunch of Batgirls and a bunch of Catwomen, no, just two lonely random dolls on the shelf.  On top of that, my region is swamped with Wonder Woman and Supergirls, but scarce on the Bat-ladies.   After my long Summer of hunting, I can begrudgingly admit that these dolls are actually pretty cool.  At the very least, they can keep my SDCC DC Polly Pockets company. Let's check out this frilly foursome below!

To my untrained eye, the style of the dolls is very very creepy.  But at the same time, I recognize the style as a huge trend in the Japanese doll market.  Dolls like Yeolume, Dal, Byul, Blythe, Isul, Pullip, and Taeyang have been using this large-headed, creepy-eyed motif for years.  Coincidentally, a few of these brands are made by TakaraTomy (née Takara), and I have observed a special relationship between Takara and Walgreens over the years.  Mostly in the form of exclusives, special package rebranding for the stores, and even simple things like getting prime stock of TakaraTomy brands like Transformers (Airachid was scarce in most big stores, but I see her all the time at Walgreens). 
Anyway, lets' take a look at them individually, We'll start with Catwoman.

The packaging is pretty cool.  I especially love the pawprint motif in the background.

Catwoman's removeable pieces include her helmet, goggles, and whip.


Oh, before I forget, they all come equipped with that typical closing-eye feature that dolls often have.  The difference is that these ladies' eyes pop open with an audible click.  It actually made me jump the first time it happened
Next Up is Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman's removeable pieces include a Cape, Tiara, and Lasso.


Next Up is Batgirl!

Batgirl's removeable pieces are her Cowl and her Cape.


And finally we have Supergirl.

Supergirl's sole removeable piece is her cape.


Time for some Group Shots!



  1. There is a cool factor to these toys...but something about the faces is a bit on the eerie side.

    Catwoman looks coolest.

    1. Definitely eerie. I was considering holding off and reviewing them as a tongue-in-cheek halloween review :) Catwoman is definitely the coolest, with Batgirl a close second.

      I doubt there will be a series two, but if so I'll bet we see New52 versions of the same characters plus maybe Harley.

  2. A buddy of mine in Canada wanted a set of these for his daughter after seeing this post. He asked me to go look for them, and I didn't realize how old (relatively speaking) your post was. Six Walgreen's stores later, I managed to put together 2 full sets - one for his daughter, one for me. (Whether I can get them to him in time for xmas... ehhhh... Canada Post isn't terribly speedy.)

    Anyway, yes, they're kinda creepy. They remind me a bit of those weird Blythe dolls on a smaller scale. I'm intrigued by the idea that this is "series 1" but don't hold out much hope for a second. Harley Quinn, Huntress, Poison Ivy and Black Canary would be fun for a series 2...

    By the way, the noise the eyes make on these plastic girls is nothing like the noise OLD dolls' eyes make. Some of those are quite loud, nearly a clack. (If you've seen Barbarella, you know the scene with the killer dolls? The sound the snapping jaws make is only a little louder than the eyes shutting on a doll my mom had as a child.)

    1. It's funny you say that, because I see these dolls in Walgreens stores ALL the time now. Even Catwoman (who was the hardest for me to find) is showing up in stores that were never carrying the dolls before. It took me four months to get them all originally, but since then I've been able to complete a few extra sets (as gifts) with no trouble at all. Hopefuly your friend gets them in time!

      Yeah I'm doubtful about a Series 01 as well. I think we're likely to see a New52 redeco of Wonder Woman, maybe a Harley and Ivy.... and the fourth slot could be Black Canary, or Zatanna, or maybe even Vixen if they decide to go with some diversity. Or maybe I'm way off base and the second series will be Marvel. Who knows. There's a Walgreens about a block from me that I'm always running to late at night when I run out of essentials at an ungodly hour, so i'm constantly cruising that toy aisle for new products.

      Dolls eyes are so creepy to me. I don't have much history with them because my sister wasn't really into dolls at all and my mom isn't too nostalgic with that stuff. But I had random encounters from other kids at school and in church that left me with a very "twilight zone" impression of them. Shockingly I've never seen Barbarella - I'm super intrigued now though. If it's streaming on Netflix I'll watch it this week :)

  3. I have to have Wonder Woman. Are these still out there? I'm in Utah. Oh I just love love love WW!!!!!!

  4. TONS of these popping up at my local Walgreens here outside of Baltimore - I got Supergirl and Wonder Woman a few months ago and voila: all four were in stock last week. I like Catwoman and Batgirl the best but guys, I thought Catwoman's headgear was a real pain in the butt to get back on with the goggles being a separate piece. I had to pop over to this blog to see how they actually fit! Thanks for another great review!!!

    1. Yeah those googles are definitely tricky! I kind of wish Catwoman also didn't have any hair because it looks funny sticking out from behind the helmet. Glad you're finding them! I was so relieved to stop looking that I'm on a Walgreen's hiatus for the next 12 months :)

    2. Hee hee - I just opened my Batgirl! Super cute! I do hope they make a second series - How fun would Cheetah be?!? Also, I just realized, this series is the same "lineup" that we got waaaay back in the day with the Mego "World's Greatest Super Gals"!

  5. My 3 year old asked for a "wumber" woman and a batgirl doll. I came across your post. Before i go from store to store lugging said 3 year old, i wonder if anyone has seen these in stores recently? july 2014

    1. Yes actually. They are in abundance at all my Walgreens stores in the Philadelphia Metro area. I keep my eyes peeled because I keep thinking a "Series 2" will appear out of nowhere one day :)

    2. Awesome! hoping they are here in Cali. thanks for fast response. :D