Sunday, September 22, 2013

Marvel Universe ELEKTRA!

Marvel Universe: Wave 22 - Elektra - Hasbro 2013

Comic books need more ruthless female assassins.  Elektra Natchios first appeared as a Daredevil villain in 1981 and was originally intended to be a one-hit wonder character that would never appear again.  Fate intervened luckily and Elektra went on to became one of Marvel's most popular females (certainly one of the most merchandised).  she has been a villain, a love interest, an anti-hero, and of course, an assassin.  My favorite role for Elektra is that of the anti-hero - i.e. stalking and killing despicable people.  This was the general tone of the 2001 solo Elektra series, which I only caught the tail end of (when Robert Rodi started writing it) and loved every issue I picked up.  Maybe she had always been this type of character, but it seemed fresh and new to me at the time and I was instantly a fan of this character I so often overlooked.  It even seemed like the 2005 Elektra movie was based off the very issues I read (at least the first 15 minutes of the movie).  Anyway, back to this great little toy.. let's check her out!

This review is going to be brief because I'm going to be away from my computer all weekend and I'm rushing to get it done early (Typing this Friday afternoon). 
This figure is great.  Sometimes I get worried about the continued quality of Marvel Universe because of awkward bucks and sloppy paint, etc.  But this figure has reaffirmed my faith in the line.  She looks great, proportional, her paint is clean, and she's really fun to pose.  All around fantastic figure!


Time for some Comparison Shots!
See what I mean about the improvements in the MU buck?  These newer ladies are so much more naturally built and look 1000 times better.



  1. Loving the newer MU female (& male) bodies. I managed to get Elektra into a good pose, though she's already fallen twice!

    Looking forward to the upcoming Emma Frost & Dagger figures.

    1. Can't wait for all the upcoming ladies either! apparently Cloak and Dagger are hitting the shelves but i've seen no sign of the wave yet. I'll probably end up grabbing them at NYCC