Saturday, September 14, 2013


WWE Superstar #46 Rosa Mendes - Mattel 2013

Wrestling figures have come a long way over the years.  I've praised Mattel's amazing work with their WWE line many times in previous reviews and this figure gets all the same accolades.  The only frustrating thing about this figure is that (as beautiful as she is) I just don't care about wrestling.  Meanwhile I have a great love for DC Comics characters, but I feel that Mattel has let that line deteriorate into a mere shadow of what it could be.  That said, I love good female figures regardless of the property, so keep these wrestling ladies coming Mattel!  Rosa Mendes is a Canadian wrestler and former model who first started working with WWE in 2006.  Early on, they played her up as a fan of Beth Phoenix who would often be seen in the audience holding signs and cheering Beth on.  Eventually they had her jump the guardrail and join in the fight to defend Beth against Melina.  I thought that was a pretty cool and creative way to introduce a new wrestler.  Let's check out this figure in detail below!


The articulation and poseability is amazing as always.


Here are a couple images of the beautiful Rosa.

Time for some Comparison Pics!
Here she is with Gail Kim from Jakks Pacfiic.




  1. Each year after Wrestlemania the WWE fire heaps of wrestlers so they can bring in new talent. Somehow, Rosa always survives these firings, though WWE have had little idea what to do with her these past several years.

    It is my belief that she saw or heard something she shouldn't have behind the scenes, & thus will be employed by WWE for a long time! lol

    Anyway, the figure isn't too bad. It doesn't capture Rosa as much as many had hoped, Mattel included.
    The Mattel Design Team posted on Wrestlingfigs that they are not happy with this figure, & a new Rosa will be made at some point soon. They also decided to make this figure more limited - 1 out of 2 cases instead of 1 per case like most Divas.

    The new boots are pretty wicked! They gave her an all new upper torso too. Always good to see new molds.

    1. Oh yeah. I didn't even really take note of the new torso and boots. I always notice the similarities, but don't often focus on the changes. On that note, I love these bucks, but they really need to change up the arms a bit. Almost all my WWE ladies have the same arms-- which look good on a single figure, but awkwardly repetitive when there is a lineup. A lot of these figures fail to caputre the real look of the wrestlers (and I'm gauging this on the photos I find when researching them). It's nice that they're disappointed and planning a re-do though. I wish they'd feel the saem about a few choice DC characters they've made. haha

    2. Oh for sure, new arms & hands are needed. One bit of articulation the women really need is hinged wrists. It really helps with posing.

      I gather they can't afford better wrists on the Basic women because of the added ab crunch. But they don't give hinged wrists to the Elite Divas either, which is a bit crummy.

  2. I like her boots. not a fan of Wrestling, ( thou i am of boxing), and always though the wresting figures are so good and detail. But i have far too many collections in my plate...for now...
    Thanx again. I love the variety of your reviews.

    1. Thanks! If I didn't stumble across these on the shelves, I probably wouldn't be collecting them either. They're beautiful, but there are so many cool things to collect out there that I have to pick and choose. Of course, all that forethought goes out the window when I see a figure hanging on a peg in the toy store.. I just get starry-eyed and before I know it I'm in the checkout line :)