Saturday, October 26, 2013

Character Spotlight: BLACK QUEEN (JEAN GREY)!

Your Favorite Brainwashed Dark Mistress of the Hellfire Club

Jean Grey seems to be the guinea pig for character transformations in the X-Men continuum.  She's been alive, dead, possessed, reincarnated, cloned, and everything in-between.  The impressive thing is that each new chapter in her dramatic life tends to create a wholly new character.  In the early 1980s and in the midst of the Dark Phoenix Saga, Jean was possessed by Mastermind and took on the role of the Black Queen in the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club (a clandestine group of evil mutants who liked to dress in inappropriate period costume).  The members were named after chess pieces.  The White Queen obviously being Emma Frost, the Black King being Sebastian Shaw, the White King being Magneto, and Donald Pierce being the White Bishop, just to name a few notable members over the years.  This possession of Jean Grey didn't last very long, but it definitely made an impact on the comic community and we've seen a small amount of merchandise released as a result.  Let's check them out below!

We'll start with the only true action figure of the group.  This Black Queen was an exclusive variant to the Annihilus Series White Queen from 2007.

Black Queen Action Figure
Marvel Legends - Hasbro - Toys R Us Exclusive - 2007


Many of these figures have issues with the black paint on the cape, mine looks like it was put in the packaging wet and has globby smears.  Luckily it doesn't show from the front.




Black Queen Mini-Mate
Mini-Mates Series 34 - DST/Art Asylum 2010


Black Queen Heroclix
Heroclix: Mutant Mayhem #094 - WizKids 2004


And now on to a few items that I can't afford to own.  All images of these statues are swiped from eBay

Black Queen Statue
Bowen Designs 2008


Black Queen Mini-Bust
Summer Exclusive - Diamond Select 2005

Black Queen Comiquette
Sideshow Collectibles - Adam Hughes Design - 2010


Time for a Group Shot (of the affordable ones)!



  1. I really like this figure. That it was made at all just give it bonus points. But i agree the comiquette is soooo expensive. The only one i own is the Adam Hughes Rogue which i adore. One day ill get the two Magiks and the Angel day...

    1. I also can't believe how much of an improvement it is over the Emma Frost figure. It's like night and day. Statues are an extreme temptation for me. So far I've never spent more than $99 on a statue. The Adam Hughes Rogue is one of the nicest sculpts I've ever seen, but it's just way out of my budget. I'm glad the new Cover Girls are still relatively cheap, because DC characters are always my weak spot. And likewise, I'm glad the Sideshow DC figures are so incredibly unappealing to me because I would never be able to get them anyway. My current biggest want is the Sideshow Polaris, someday I'll find a broken one on ebay and be able to repair it.