Sunday, October 27, 2013


Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - Series 5 - ToyBiz 2005

One of my favorite scenes in the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy is when even the angelic elf Galadriel shows weakness when exposed to the tempting dark power of the One Ring.  No other scene in the films epitomize the power of the Ring than that short glimpse of its corruptive power.  It was brief, but really made an impact on me.  That's why I was really excited that ToyBiz produced a figure of her in this form.  Full confession:  I saw the trilogy for the first time about 3 years ago, and I only started collecting the toys in 2012.  I've been looking forward to including this figure in a Halloween review all year.  She doesn't necessarily look like Cate Blanchett, but she does look like your everyday spooky witchy spirit lady (the kind that might burst out of your tv at night).  The figure has a cool action feature of light-up eyes, but unfortunately those kind of battery-powered action features are a pretty short-lived novelty when left sitting on a shelf for eight years.  So, yeah, no cool light-up eyes for me...  Anyway, let's check out Galadriel (Entranced) below!

I actually had to do the hot water trick to make her flowing outfit lay properly.  Right out of the package, it was curled under her legs and inhibited her standing big time.

So her batteries are dead but I still thought I'd try to highlight her translucency.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Very awesome Alex! She is one of the LOTR figures I have been meaning to hunt down for years, along with the Shield Maiden version of Eowyn. I really loved ToyBiz's LOTR line.

    I hope Bridge Direct get around to including Galadriel in their 6" & 3.75" lines for The Hobbit.

    1. Sheild Maiden Eowyn is the last one on my list currently. She's really expensive on the secondary market though so it may be a while until I get her. A new Galadriel would be great. I loved their 6" Tauriel figure and more ladies would definitely be welcome in the new line :)

  2. i must get this version...i have the original, and funny enough just sold the 12" doll. It must be your hate of hair is rubbing on me...Happy Halloween!

    1. Hair is frightening! Glad I could get you to see the light :)