Friday, October 11, 2013

Photos From NYCC 2013!

My NYCC Opening Night Runaround Documented for Your Viewing Pleasure

Welcome to the photo documentation of my second annual trip to the New York Comic Con.  This year I waited until early September to get tickets only to discover they were almost all sold out.  I was able to get a single ticket for 3pm-9pm on Thursday the 10th.  I'm typing this introduction a couple days in advance so I can just upload photos easily from my phone.  The pros of me going early are the 1) it's cheaper, 2) it will likely be less crowded, and 3) it will be unlikely that exclusives will have sold out.  The negatives sides are that there's less going on (special-guest-wise, etc) and sometimes the big-brand exhibitors save reveals till the last day (ie Mattel showing the Huntress prototype last year after I had left).  I hope to see lots of cool stuff but I don't have too many expectations.  I'm actually more excited about shopping than seeing new toy reveals.  But I'm sure once I get there I'll be like a kid at an Easter egg hunt.  Everything past this first paragraph break will have been written during or after NYCC.  My fingers are crossed!

Okay.  While I had a great time today, I think I will make an extra effort to go on either Friday or Saturday in the future.  I can't help but think there will be a lot more reveals as the weekend unfolds.  The Mattypalooza panel alone will probably double the amount of reveals I saw today.

Also, next year I seriously have to rely on a camera other than my phone.  Sorry for the blur.

My favorite things I saw today was the DC Comics Multiverse line.
DC Comics Multiverse
4" Movie and Videogame Action Figures
Batman (1989): Michael Keaton Batman - Masked & Unmasked
Batman Returns:  Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, Danny DeVito Penguin
Superman: Christopher Reeve Superman
Superman II: General Zod
Arkham City:  Batman, Armored Batman, Mister Freeze, Azrael & Bane




Classic Batman 1966
6" Action Figures Based on the 1966 Batman Television Show
This new look at the Julie Newmar figure is a bit of a disappointment.  The paint is really simplified compared to the prototypes.


Also, I believe the Surf's Up Joker figure is a new reveal.

DC Universe (Miscellaneous Mattel)
Total Heroes and Evergreen Action Figures


Mini Mez-Itz
DC Universe 2" Keychains and Mini-Figures
Mezco Toyz
Mezco reveals their marketing plans for the Classic Batman 1966 Mini Mez-Itz:  Blind box assortments with variants!  Catwoman comes Masked and Unmasked, and Joker, Batman, and Robin have open and closed-mouthed versions.



Play Arts Kai
Super-Articulated 9" Action Figure Imports
Square Enix

I didn't see anything new from the DC figures, but this was the first time I had seen a fully painted Batgirl in person and I thought she looked pretty good.




DC Entertainment
Various DC Universe Action Figures
DC Collectibles
There was a surprising lack of DC Collectibles presence at NYCC this year (unless I just missed something).  The only figures I saw on display were at the Graffiti Design booth. 


One cool thing was the portfolio catalog which had a couple cool reveals.  I like how the Arrow figure actually says figureS.  I'm hoping that might mean a Huntress figure (although I kind of hate her costume in the show).


Masters of the Universe Classics
6" Action Figure
Nothing new for me :\  But seeing Glimmer and Scorpia in person was a treat.


Power Rangers: Megaforce, Ninja Force, and MMPR
4" and 6" Action Figures
Bandai and S.H.Figuarts
Bandai's 4" Megaforce


Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Power Ranger: Ninja Force by SHFiguarts


Marvel Select
Thor and Jane Foster Movie Action Figures
Diamond Select

Sailor Moon
Super-Articulated 6" Import Action Figures
Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury.  Prototypes of Jupiter and Venus.

Wrestling Figures
6" Action Figures
I never know their names until I find them in a store (and also, Mattel is notorious for never labeling these figures).  I DO recognize the repainted Bella Twins though!




Aliens & Invincible
Diamond Select

A Couple Random Sightings
Retro Girl (from Powers) Statues

I actually forget this character's name and I even have a a figure of her already.  This one is slightly larger scale than the average figure.

And I'll leave you with a photo of my swag.  I got my Super Best Friends Poison Ivy, my Black & White Funko POP Harley Quinn, Carrie, Mez-Its Harley and Batgirl, A Harryhausen Centaur, Transfixed Galadriel, a Batgirl logo TShirt, the NYCC exclusive variant of Superman & Wonder Woman #1, Marvel Legends Black Queen, and Identity Crisis Zatanna,  a super-cool bagless backpack (you wear it like a messenger bag sash) from Runner, and my favorite, a free signed print of Shaya from Power Lords by Nate Baertsch.



  1. Man, I really wish Mattel made a 6 inch Movie Masters Batman Returns Catwoman. Will have to settle for the 4 inch scale version - the Penguin and Supes look particularly good. Thanks for sharing these and have fun at the con!

    1. All the new movie figures look great in person. I really hope the paint apps are consistent on the final product. Maybe the success of these will inspire additional products from other companies like we're seeing with the Batman 66 line. At a minimum I'm really hoping to get a Batman Returns Catwoman bust.

  2. I nearly peed my pants when I saw the Batman Returns figures!!

    I've been waiting a long time for good figures from that movie.The Batman & Catwoman figures from the old Kenner line were pretty good, though the Penguin figure was a crappy Super Powers repaint. To have great versions of all three will be something else. Hopefully Catwoman's face comes out looking halfway decent. I would love to see them do Silverstone Batgirl & Thurman Ivy.

    The 60's Catwoman is ok. They definitely could have used some more paint around the eyes.

    When DST said they were doing Jane Foster in Marvel Select I thought she would be in a warrior outfit or something. The outfit she is wearing is an interesting choice. I really like that they have included her.

    Glimmer & Scorpia from MOTUC are looking good. Though Scorpia's tunic has turned into a bit of a skirt type thing.

    Sailor Moon figures are a must buy!

    A Nute Minimate from Aliens!! I wish she was shorter, but it's still a great inclusion.

    The WWE Divas are:
    Flashback Trish Stratus - blonde hair, pink/black outfit with title belt
    Funkadactyls Naomi & Cameron - in lime green with disco ball
    Tamina Snuka - Brunette in red

    And the Bellas, who are looking awesome in red.

    Love your toy haul too. That Poison Ivy is too cute!

  3. Movie versions of Batgirl and Poison Ivy would be amazing. It would also be cool to get figures of those cool animated variations of Catwoman from the old Filmation cartoons.

    I think the Jane Foster looks great. I don't know enough about her to picture any kind of armor, but I was just relieved that she wasn't in civilian clothes.

    Sailor Moons are very tempting but it's a huge investment. A lot of vendors were selling them at the show but I passed.

    Thanks for the WWE help! I'll update the post when I'm home later tonight.

    I was limited with space at the shoe otherwise I would have bought a lot more. I can't wait to review Poison Ivy amd the rest.