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Apokolips Supergirl - Superman/Batman: Series 2 - DC Direct 2006
This one is even in Halloween colors!  The girls sculpted in DC Direct's Superman/Batman lines are some of the most criticized collector figures of all time.   The sculpts by Big Chief are really good and truly representative of the late Michael Turner's art.  Michael Turner's art, however, is exaggerated and ultra-sexy.  But those same exaggerations that work so well in two dimensions tend to lose their illusion when rendered in 3-D.  The lanky torsos (in both the male and female characters) look dynamic on the page, but positively deformed from the plastic perspective.  The version of Supergirl came about when Darkseid kidnapped the newly-arrived Kara Zor-El from Themyscira where she was being trained by Wonder Woman.  Kara was brainwashed to lead Darkseid's Female Furies and donned this "corrupted" look.  I wasn't a fan of this story when I originally read it, and I was even less of a fan when these toys originally came out.  When was I finally sold?  Read on below..

It was 4 years later in 2010 when the direct-to-DVD Superman/Batman: Apocalyse found its way into my living room.  I was suddenly smitten.  The simplification of the styles provided by the animation let me appreciate the revamped Supergirl origin without clouding my thoughts with my sensitivites to female objectification.   The DVD is totally worth a watch.  Plus, you can get it really cheap in stores like Five Below.

Geez listen to me rambling (this is what happens when I start blogging at 2am), let's check out this figure already!


Here are a handful of images from the Movie and Comics

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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