Saturday, October 5, 2013

Voltron: The Third Dimension - HAGGAR THE WITCH!

Voltron: The Third Dimension - Haggar the Witch - Trendmasters 1999

Sometimes there's nothing worse than a bad reboot of a property that you love.  Voltron: The Third Dimension was a CGI continuation of the 1985 animated Voltron series done in the style of ReBoot and Transformers: Beastmasters.  Maybe it's just early CGI that I have an issue with, because in researching this review, I discovered that this show received a decent amount of awards during its brief tenure.  I just have trouble watching it.  One positive note though was really cool character designs and some fantastic toys.  Just the Stealth Voltron and Voltrex the dinosaur Voltron were enough to win me over, let alone the human characters.  I loved how all the pilots now had cat-shaped helmets, and that Allura was now wearing blue instead of pink.  But most of all, I loved this toy of Haggar.  Haggar's look in the show seemed to be almost identical to the original design, but I figure at some point in the series she transformed into this "Sorceress of Doom."  I love the look of this figure and her cool face-changing action feature.

Haggar has a super-cool action feature.  When you turn the knob on her back, her face rotates to change to ugly Haggar the Witch from the beautiful Sorceress of Doom.  Simple, but awesome.

Haggar comes with two accessories:  Her "Magic Staff of Spells" and a Ro-Beast Cat.

It's really hard to find a picture of Haggar from the show.  I even watched a few episodes on Youtube to grab screenshots, but she's always in the shadows and moving too fast.  FYI - I was curious to see if she ever made an appearance in 2011's Voltron Force and discovered that she is present in the form of Haggarium, a dark force that powers the Ro-Beasts (and Voltron) but has no corporeal form.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the 1984 Panosh Place Haggar.



  1. Wow, that's a hell of an update!

    She's actually a really nice figure. Love the head sculpts. Did you get the Allura from this line?

    1. Somewhere I have the original Alura from this line. I remember buying her extremely discounted at a KayBee toystore. I doubt I'll have her helmet though. I actually bought the stealth version of her in the past year (MIP) and all her metallic paint is peeling off her inside the package. Maybe it's a fluke and mine was just stored in extreme heat or something, but someday I would like to get them all.

  2. Is that Coba, and its even articulated?

    Awesome redesign of the cat familiar, I don't think it ever showed up in Voltron 3D.

    The Haggar figure is awesome as well, the face switching is great. I think she used that look in-show mainly in flashback when she was good.

    1. You know I never even thought about the "ro-beast cat" being Coba but I think you are right. Between the fact that the cat is purple and happens to come with Haggar is proof enough in my book. I don't remember the cat in the series either, but I might go back and check now. Thanks!

  3. Watch The Episode "Consider The Alternatives" From V3D, Lotor says "I have a GF who can pull Robeast out of a hat", Then she does & it looks similar to this toy.