Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Funko POP! Batman Classic TV Series CATWOMAN!

POP! Heroes #43 - Batman: Classic TV Series - Catwoman - Funko 2013

I've loving all the Batman '66 merchandise this year!  This Funko POP vinyl figure is my fourth Julie Newmar item this year, but hopefully not my last (there are still some Mini Mez-Itz, a Moebius model, and a yet-to-be-revealed DST mini-bust on the horizon).  This Funko POP vinyl figure is pretty great.  I thought she'd be extremely similar to the Dark Knight Rises figure, but she's actually very unique.  There are side-by-side comparison pics below.  I normally have a distaste for glitter, but in this case it really works - you just have to be careful in picking a figure with a nice even cover of glitter (some I've seen have a really glittery torso with unglittered legs... and on some I've seen glitter clumping in the necklace area).    Funko always amazes me with their speed at getting their products into the marketplace.  I'll bet they are the first to get us some Yvonne Craig Batgirl items - I'm guessing a Wacky Wobbler followed by a POP.  I also love how their products are carried in such a variety of retail locations.  I never have much trouble finding the figures I need.  Let's check out Catwoman below!

Here are the promised Comparison pics with the Dark Knight Rises Funko POP Catwoman.

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!



  1. Cute! I have yet to see any of the Funko TV Series Bat characters in person but I know I will be tempted when I do.

    1. They showed up in comic shops last week through Diamond Distributors. Fingers crossed for a green variant of this like her 1960's comic look (Batman #197)!