Sunday, November 17, 2013

Impact Wrestling MISS TESSMACHER!
Deluxe Impact Wrestling: Series 10 - Miss Tessmacher - Jakks Pacific 2013
I should have saved this star-spangled character for a patriotic holiday!  I'm always happy to get a wrestling figure that isn't wearing pink, white or black.  Although I shouldn't complain because most of my recent figures have definitely been straying from the repetitive color palette of the past.  An interesting thing about my purchase of wrestling figures is that I usually have no clue who the women are when I find them in the store, then in the preparation for a review I learn all about their careers.  I'm getting quite an education over the past few years, too.  I even seem somewhat knowledgeable when I catch an episode of Total Divas on E! now.  Miss Tessmacher has been in the wrestling world since 2006 and has worked for WWE, ECW, and TNA under various names: Brooke, Brooke Adams, Brooke Tessmacher, and of course Miss Tessmacher.  These Jakks Pacific figures are hit and miss for me.  Each one seems to have features I like and dislike.  This particular figure is more on the "miss" side for me with her oddly proportioned body parts, but she still packs quite a punch.  Let's check her out below!

My problems with this figure really boil down to proportions.  Her head seems too large, her arms seem too small, and her legs look like a featureless afterthought.  I know I'm being picky.  I remember when wrestling toys were not much more than odd rubber blobs that magically attracted skuffmarks the minute you opened them.  In comparison to those vintage wonders, this figure is a fantastic feat.  But compared to its modern competitors like Mattel's WWE (and even many other Jakks figures in the this same line), she falls woefully short.


When you start posing her, the proportion issues seem to die away a little.






Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Haven't got around to buying Brooke as yet. Still need her & Dixie Carter.

    I love it when they do USA outfits. Great American Bash Torrie Wilson was another good patriotic one.

    Not sure how this line is going for Jakks. Not sure how the actual company is doing either as part of it is being sold off at the moment. Jakks assortments have gone from 6 figures down to 4. The next wave has another Velvet Sky (our third - & she's wearing Jakks crappy skirt that doesn't stay on well).

    I really hope they manage a few more assortments so we get the likes of ODB & Lai'D Tapa. Wouldn't mind a new Christy Hemme too.

    1. I didn't know Jakks was being sold. I hope it doesn't effect their toy licenses or production schedules. There are a few things I was really looking forward to.

      I'll most likely still pick up and ladies I see in the stores, but I'm not a big enough fan to go out of my way for them.

      Collecting all the star-spangled girls would be awesome for a holiday review haha

    2. Oops, to clarify, it is TNA Impact wrestling that is apparently selling off a large part of their company, not Jakks Pacific.

    3. Ohh good to know. I was worried :) I was actually googling for information about the company and all I could find was information about how well their stocks are doing haha