Thursday, January 16, 2014

DC Collectibles New 52 HARLEY QUINN!
DC Comics: The New 52 - Suicide Squad - DC Collectibles 2014
I'm pining for the classic Harley Costume so much lately.  All the videogame and comic redesigns are leaving me dizzy.  Hopefully the new comic wins me over because I'm finding myself more and more distanced from one of my favorite characters.  In spite of my disenchantment with the "new Harley", I was greatly anticipating this action figure.  Where in the various video game incarnations of Harley had blonde ponytails that were tipped in her signature red and black (a style I always disliked), I actually find myself liking the solid color dye of this version.  The clown collar is an interesting addition, as is the substitution of blue for black.  The thigh-high schoolgirl socks are kind of silly and the lace-up top lined with little daggers just seems awkward.  But silly and awkward?  I must confess that kind of suits Harley.  Overall I think this is a very fine action figure.  She's colorful, beautifully sculpted (by the talented Jack Matthews), and well articulated.  She's a fantastic addition for any Harley Quinn collection.

I'm a big fan of the bullet holes in the packaging.  It's a fun, simple detail.




Harley comes with a large sledgehammer/mallet and two handguns.  Also, I didn't show this, but her cape and collar is easily removable if you pop off her head.

Harley does not have the expected waist, wrist, or ankle articulation, but she does have a shoulder, bicep, elbow, forearm, knee, thigh, ponytail, and t-crotch joints, plus a ball-jointed neck - making a total of 17 points of articulation.  The forearm and thigh joints are very artistically incorporated into the design of the figure.








Time for a Group Shot!
From Left to Right:  Mattel Arkham City Harley, DC Collectibles Arkham City Harley, DC Collectibles New 52 Harley, DC Direct Hush Harley, & Mattel DCUC Harley.



  1. I don't know if I will get this one - this design is such a tremendous departure from her iconic look - even the Arkham City game versions feel more 'genuine.'

    I'll have to see her in person.

    1. Yes I totally agree. I didn't even pick up that villains month Harley issues because I'm so disenchanted with this look. I'm curious to see if the Roller Girl costume (which I'm kind of into) carries over into the other titles. So far she's keeping this blue and red look through March (according to the covers of Suicide Squad)... I kind of want to see it go bye bye. But honeslty, I like it much better than the sexy nurse look.

    2. Yeah I agree - I am not a fan of the nurse costume either. And I like the Roller Derby look - I do hope that one ends up as an action figure!

  2. Do any women wear clothing in the New 52? lol

    1. lord knows the nerds had a meltdown over Diana's legs. I think it's funny because I couldn't stand the naked ivy-covered Poison Ivy, and she is actually covered head to toe now. Zatanna and Black Canary are more covered up too. Catwoman's cleavage and Harley's... well.. everything.. seem to be the worst offenders off the top of my head.