Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lego Flashlight CATWOMAN Keychain!

DC Super Heroes LEGO Keychain LED Lite - Santoki LLC 2013
There's nothing I love more than stumbling across a surprise product in an unexpected place.  A few weeks ago I went to my local science museum to see the Pompeii exhibit and was wasting time in the gift shop before my IMAX show (playing with the Kinetic Sand on display) when I saw this little beauty hanging on a peg.  I've seen these oversized LEGO keychains in the checkout line of Toys R Us for years (among other places), but they were always just generic LEGO guys or Chima.. with the occasional SuperBats in the mix.  This 3" tall LEGO Catwoman is an exact replica of the regular 1.5" version down to every little detail.  The only difference is that she does not have the alternate pair of eyes on the back of her head.  (She also has no whip or diamond accessories if you were wondering).  The helmet is a separate piece of plastic, but is hindered from being removed by the keychain mechanism.  The LED light shines from her feet and is activated by pressing the square plate on her torso.  Here's hoping for more superheroines in this line!  Harley!  Ivy!  Batgirl!  (My backpack is gonna be sooooo cool!)

She is licensed by LEGO and DC Comics, Distributed by Santoki LLC, and produced by IQ Hong Kong.




Time for a Comparison Pic!


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