Monday, January 13, 2014

The Girls of Power Rangers SUPER MEGAFORCE!
Pink and Yellow Rangers - Power Rangers Super Megaforce - BanDai 2014

I love the Power Rangers.  I'm not sure why.  I rarely, if ever, watch the show.  I don't know half the themes or plotlines.  What I do love is the stylized thematic costumes, the color patterns, and the cool action figures.  The most recent series of Super Mega Force toys hit the shelves in the past couple weeks.  Aside from the general fact that I was unaware these figures were coming out, I was more taken aback by the new 5" scale.  Since the MMPR rebooted toyline in 2010, the toy aisles have seen the constant presence of a (seemingly successful) 4" action figure line.  I have most of the figures from MMPR, Samurai, Super Samurai, and Megaforce, so I am mildly disappointed in the style change with Super Megaforce (just for the sake of collecting continuity).  But the figures themselves are very high quality as I've come to expect with Bandai.  Fun note:  the gimmick of the Super Megaforce show is that the characters can become any past ranger of their color.  Maybe that will be a gateway to a plethora of retro rangers??  We'll have to wait and see...

The theme for Super Megaforce is "space pirates."  You can see this reflected in their chest and helmet logos as well as their very stylized weapons below.

 Both the Pink and Yellow Rangers come with a very pirate-like pistol and sword.

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!
Here are the 5" Super Megaforce ladies with the first release of the 4" Megaforce figures that I reviewed this time last year.  You can see that the "Super" costumes are reminiscent of the original costumes but with an "unzipped" look exposing a logo (a stylized jolly roger).  Unfortunately the Dragon and Phoenix helmet motifs are gone in this new iteration.


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