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Imaginext: The Dragon Adventure - Enchantra - Fisher-Price 2004

With all my high hopes about potential females in the future of the Imaginext line, I thought it would be fun to skip back in time and visit the very first lady produced.  Back in 2004, Imaginext was entering its third year and released the third wave of their Medieval theme: The Dragon Adventure (after The Castle Adventure (2002) and The Forest Adventure (2003).  This Dragon Adventure series introduced the very first female after 4 waves of exclusion (there were 2 pirate waves released prior to this series as well).  Enchantra (not to be confused with She-Ra's giant swan Enchanta) is similar to a stereotypical Medusa character, but with additional shape-changing abilities.  The figures back in 2004 were smaller in scale than modern Imaginext, but her giant head of snakes adds a lot of bulk to the figure and closes that scale gap quite a bit.  I love this figure.  I have a soft spot for villains, I love animal themes, and I'm a mythology nut.  She's basically perfect for me.  Let's check out Enchantra below!

In the early days of Imaginext, there weren't obvious packaging windows.  Instead, they employed a bookcover-type design in order to peek inside and see the product in the plastic tray.

Note: my packaging seems to specialized for the international market (i.e.  less original wording, but tons of translated versions.

Here's what my packaging says:
"A deceptively charming creature who can morph into a snake - or turn you into one!"

But the standard US release said:
"Imagine... a witch who can morph into a snake - or turn you into one if you look into her eyes! She's helping Lord Dragomont, but secretly wants to rule King Bravemore's kingdom herself. Can she bewitch Dragomont? Or will he see through her slithering scheme? In the world of Imaginext, anything is possible!"

Here is a quick breakdown of the first few waves from Imaginext.  I'm including this because it's pretty hard information to find.  And considering how popular the line is getting, I'll bet a lot of collectors will want to hunt these early figures down.
THEME ------------ WAVE --------------- YEAR
Medieval ----- The Castle Adventure ----------2002
Pirate --------- The Pirate Adventure ---------- 2002
Medieval ----- The Forest Adventure --------- 2003
Medieval ------ The Dragon Adventure ------- 2004
Pirate --------- The Phantom Adventure ------ 2004
Dinosaurs ---- The Dinosaur Adventure ------ 2005

I'll start off with a geared-up pic because she is so much less impressive without her headdress accessory.

Enchantra comes with a shield, a bow, a staff, a snake headdress, and a giant snake
 (perhaps herself in snake form)

The original style females only had three points of articulation: a single waist joint and two shoulder joints.  The should joints can rotate and pivot so you can actually get a wide range of motion for such a simple figure.

Time for Some Comparison Pics!
Here she is with Taylor Holbrook from Monsters U and the DC Super Friends New 52 Wonder Woman.


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