Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Walking Dead's MAGGIE GREENE!

AMC's The Walking Dead: Series 05 - Maggie Greene - McFarlane Toys 2014

In honor of new episodes starting up again this past Sunday, I wanted to review the third amazing lady in the McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead (TV Series) line so far.  This show has a surprising amount of fantastic female characters.  My future wants are Carol and Sasha.  And judging by the momentum that show and toy line is currently holding, I think there's a very good chance we'll see both of them in the next few years.  Maggie Greene is the tomboyish farmer's daughter (of Hershel) introduced early in Season 2.  I was instantly intrigued by her character.  She was strong, self-sufficient, a bit rebellious, and smart.  Over the course of the next few seasons we've seen her grow into one of the most formidable characters on the show.  If I had to pick a crew for a supply run into walker territory, Maggie would definitely be on my list.  McFarlane has hit yet another figure out of the park.  While the likeness isn't perfect, she's still instantly recognizable to any fan of the show.  Let's check out Maggie below!


I'm not usually a fan of blood spatter on my action figures, but I'm making an exception for these toys.  I still don't want any of the actual walkers in my collection though. (You know, just in case my collection goes all Toy Story on me in the middle of the night)


Maggie comes with a big blade, a handgun, and an automatic rifle.  Note the shape of the rifle strap, I make mention of it below.

The knife and gun fit nicely into her holsters (which are permanently fixed to the figure).

McFarlane's The Walking Dead series (both comic and television) have revolutionized the highly-articulated true-to-life figure realm.  The jeans are just amazing.  They have all the articulation you could want with almost invisible seams.

The rifle strap is extremely confusing to me.  It seems pre-molded to lay across her body in a certain way, but I can't make it look like it's not defying gravity and I was unable to find any hints online.




Here are some pictures of Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene from the AMC's The Walking Dead.


Time for some Comparison Pics!
Michonne, Maggie and Andrea all look great together, but I'm noticing in the pic that their scales seen to vary a bit.  I would tend to think that Maggie was taller than Michonne in real life.




  1. It's surprising to see how cool this line has become. The first wave was awful. Very little movement & action features in the Walkers.

    Michonne grabbed my attention when she was released & each series has become more awesome since then! Maggie isn't as good as Michonne & Andrea, but she is still a solid figure.

    I noticed Carol is listed for the next set which is pretty cool.

    Would you buy a TV version Governors Daughter if they made her? Or no Walkers at all?

  2. No I definitely can't handle any walkers in my collection haha. I did not hear about Carol - that's amazing news! Sasha will be a great character, too. Maybe even those freaky little blonde girls (they could come with little dead rats and bunnies).

  3. I have Andrea and love her...I need to get Maggie and Michonnie

    1. There's a cool comic version of Andrea coming out in June (both in a color and black & white I think). I can't wait to add her to my collection (comic version MIchonne was the first figure I bought.. way before I saw the show or read the comics). Also, did you see the images of the upcoming Carol figure?? I'm guessing she'll be out in the Fall sometime. She's my favorite character so I super excited to get her.