Thursday, June 12, 2014

Funko POP! Heroes - Metallic, GITD, B&W, and Hammer Harley - Funko 2013

Variants are one of my biggest weaknesses.  There's nothing I love more than lining up a bunch multicolored (but otherwise identical) figures on my shelf.  I realize how OCD that makes me sound, but it's totally true.  I reviewed the standard release Harley Quinn Funko POP way back in September and it's taken me this long to review all the variants.  The main motivation to finally post these figures is that any day now I will find the new Hot Topic exclusive Arkham Asylum "Nurse" Harley and I won't want to review them out of order.  The variants shown in this review are exclusives to various online retailers, brick and mortar stores, and comic shops.  They're pretty easy to come by (unlike the Batgirl variants from a few years ago).  I hope the upcoming Arkham asylum POPs (Harley and Ivy in particular) get a wide distribution.  I've usually had good luck finding Hot Topic exclusives, but so far this newest lady is eluding me.  Let's check out all the current Harleys below!

The first variant I will show is the..
Previews Exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark Harley Quinn
DC Comics POP! Heroes #34 (Funko 2013)
This figure is pretty much identical to the regular edition (that I reviewed last year).  There are two stickers on the box windows indicating that this is the special edition, but the figure itself looks identical.  I was expecting the white part of her face to have that yellow-ish GITD hue, or at least a vague translucency, but there's honestly no difference.  I feared I would go home and find out someone had swapped a regular non-glowing figure.

Next up is the..
Harrison's Exclusive Black & White Harley Quinn
DC Comics POP! Heroes #34 (Funko 2013)

I picked this one up at the Harrison's Comics booth at NYCC 2013.  She's limited to 2000.  You can also get her at

Next up is the..
Conquest Comics Exclusive Metallic Harley Quinn
DC Comics POP! Heroes #34 (Funko 2013)

This is the only one I had to resort to eBay for.  She was available at (where you can still purchase their White Phoenix exclusive).

Finally we have the..
Hot Topic Exclusive Harley Quinn with Mallet
DC Comics POP! Heroes #45 (Funko 2013)

This one is still pretty readily available at Hot Topic stores.  The squinted eyes and resculpted body are a really nice variation for this growing group of Harleys.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!
Here are the two main Harley sculpts together.

Here are the four variation in this review.

And here they are with the original release (on the far Right).  Note how it's identical to the GITD variant in the center.



  1. I'm not too crazy about color variants - although I am impressed by the B/W version. But I do have each different sculpt - including Nurse Harley - and that suits me just fine.

    1. I'm jealous you were able to find the nurse Harley already. I've been to five Hot Topics with no luck. Having all the color combos does make it a *bit* redundant, but I'm fine with this amount. If there are any more I may have to draw the line.

    2. I'm so jealous of your B&W Harley Quinn!! I want to buy one for my brother to complete his HQ collection (for now), but all the ones I've come across are insanely expensive. ::le sigh::