Friday, September 5, 2014

Transformers Rescue Bots - DANI BURNS!
Transformers Rescue Bots - Blades & Dani Burns - Playskool/Hasbro 2014

Something is going on this Summer with all the popular preschool toy lines.  For years we've seen more and more toy aisle real estate being taken over by Preschool-age action figures.  Imaginext, Marvel Super Hero Adventures, Star Wars Jedi Force, and of course Transformers Rescue Bots, are all the rage, but the lines have been notoriously void of female characters since their inception.  Yet this Summer we suddenly have Black Widow as the first Marvel lady, Wendy Waters as the first non-DCU female Imaginext, and now suddenly we get Dani Burns as the first Rescue Bots figure.  I don't know what is prompting this long-overdue diversity, but I welcome it with open arms.  Rescue Bots is a cartoon and toy line about a group of four (non-canon) Transformers (Chase the Police Car, Blade the Helicopter, Heatwave the Firetruck, and Boulder the Bulldozer) and the Burns family who team up/pilot the Bots for various rescue missions.  Considering the small cast, it's surprising we haven't seen Dani until now.

Dani has a very cool sculpt in style with the other preschool lines on the shelves today.  I was a little disappointed to learn she was not articulated at all.  She is my first Rescue Bots purchase but now I'm curious to go back to the store and see if the boys are as static as the girl.

The only "flaw" I see with this figure is a little confusion about how the eyebrow was painted in relation to the bangs that hang down onto her forehead.  Every copy of this figure had the exact same treatment.  It looks sloppy and unintentional, but it's easy enough to overlook.

Dani comes packaged with her partner, Blades the Flight-Bot.  Blades is afraid of heights which makes for an amusing dynamic between the two.

Despite Dani having no articualtion, Blades is kind of loaded.  His neck, shoulders, wrists, and legs all have cuts.

Here are some images of Dani and the Burns family from the cartoon.



Time for a Comparison Pic!
Here she is with Imaginext's Wendy Waters, and Marvel SHA Black Widow.


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