Monday, October 13, 2014

DC Direct's QUEEN BEE!
Silver Age Justice League of America (Villains) - 7-Piece PVC Set - DC Direct 2001

Welcome to Bee Week here at She's Fantastic!  Due to a wonderfully insectile beauty that should be arriving in my mailbox at the end of this week, I decided to do a anticipatory review series of some of my favorite bee-themed ladies out there.   Queen Zazzala is an alien from a civilization where insects have evolved into humanoid form.  Queen Bee is obsessed with her own immortality and having her hive of bee-men loot other planets.  She is such a classic DC villain that it's a little shocking that we don't see more of her.  In her more modern incarnations, she is very alien/insectile looking, but I much prefer this classic look.  DC Direct used to be great at putting out high end collectible figurine sets.  These were usually full of characters that you would be unlikely to see in a full 6-7" scale.  The best thing about them for me is their size.  They're not as tiny as you would think from a PVC figurine and are actually perfectly in scale with modern G.I.Joes.  Let's check out Queen Bee below!

"The Deadliest Villains of the Justice League of America" Seven-Piece figurine Set includes: Felix Faust, The Key, Doctor Light, Queen Bee, Kanjar Ro, Amazo, and Desparo.


Here are some images of Queen Bee from the comics.




Time for a Comparison Pic!
Here she is with Hasbro's G.I.Joe: Retaliation Kim Arashikage (Jinx) and Hasbro's Marvel Universe Valkyrie.



  1. Shes sweet! Must track her down! I have about four sets of those PVCs (titans, dreaming,Preacher and Metal Men) and I love them. I wonder what bee theme figure you are getting soon. Sweet! But, you make me think. What other Bee heroines have been immortalised in plastic? Let's see, you already reviewed Princess Whatshername. Of course Maya The bee. There's no female Yellowjacket... Umm. Spiders..lots. Oh Maya's teacher, Cassandra. Wasp, not quite a bee... I'm intrigued! Looking forward to it!

    1. It's funny you mentioned Princess Whatshername. Depending on when I get my amazing new toy in the mail and get her photographed, I was considering re-publishing that old review to give me an extra day. I've never re-posted before, so it might be a fun experiment. I've actually done a few bee-themed ladies over the years already, so I could technically give them the same treatment. I have a handul of fresh ones lined up though, too. You'll like Wednesday's review :) ((and I'm prepping a Mermaid week in December as well!))

    2. Wahey! I loooove Mermaids. Can't wait for Mermista. In fact I need two!

    3. Mermaid action figures are actually really hard to come by. If you avoid ones with rooted hair, that is. I'll coincidentally be spending a few hours this afternoon hunting for a random mermaid figure I saw at a store while on vacation this summer and for some reason passed over (thinking I could easily buy it online later). Well, it's nonexistent online and when I went back to the little mom-and-pop store a month later, it was gone. Since then I've discovered there are four more of these stores. My parents are on vacation there again and I'm visiting for the day. I have my store-hopping route all worked out... wish me luck!

    4. Good luck! Off the top of mah head, there's a Smurfette mermaid (which I have since I was 5), also a Saint Seiya one. Oh On Piece has a mermaid, but is expensive! Of course, Ariel ( whether Kibgdom hearts or Magical collection). But I think there are Japanese gashapons I've seen. Can't really think of any more...unless dolls.

  2. Forgot to mention, just bought Queen Bee on ebay. Coming from Australia no less. Thanx!