Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic Boom STICKS!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Boom - Action Figure Series 01 - TOMY 2014

I love when I am completely caught off-guard by a toy.  In the modern toy collecting hobby, we are pretty much aware of every product six months before it ever hits the shelves.  I wrote yesterday how I was still mourning the end of the Jazwares Sonic line when I discovered the new Tomy Amy at Toys R Us this weekend.  I knew that Amy was coming out of course, but this figure of Sticks the Badger was a total surprise for me.  When I first saw her, I assumed it was Marine the Raccoon (who I just became aware of in the pack-in comic with Blaze the Cat last year).  The two characters share a lot of similarities, but are in fact different characters (and species).  Sticks is a jungle badger who brings a little Tarzan-esque barbarism to the Sonic family.  Her weapon of choice is a homemade boomarang - which would have made an amazingly simple accessory - but alas, she comes empty-handed.  Regardless though, I am obsessed with this new addition to my video game shelf.  Let's check out Sticks below!


Sticks has five Points of Articulation:  Ball Jointed Head, Hinge-and-Swivel Shoulders, and simple Leg Cuts.


Here are a couple images of Sticks the Badger from Sonic Boom.


And here is her doppleganger, Marine the Raccoon.  You can see why I screwed them up.


Time for Some Comparison Pics!
Here she is with the Tomy Amy Rose.

..and with Jazwares Wave the Swallow (I made sure she was waving) and Blaze the Cat.

...and finally with the Variant Wave the Swallow and the Jazwares Amy Rose.



  1. There are a lot more characters in Sonic then I remember there being in the last Sonic game I played on the Gamecube. Im normally leery about buying Jazwares stuff because I have bought a lot of junk from them in the past but this figure looks pretty good.

    1. That's the beauty of this figure - she's not Jazwares anymore, she's Tomy. Jazwares lost the license last year and Tomy picked it up. I'm just really glad they'e in scale with each other. The articualtion is a lot less, but overall quality is great!

    2. I worded that strangely ( loopy on the cold medicine). what I meant was that I think these look better then the Jazwares Sonic figures . Iv had problems with Jazwares in the past but with Tomy making them they dont look like they will brake right out of the pack.

    3. I figured as much after I read your comment on the Amy review. It was pretty clear you knew it was Tomy. And, yes, these seem way sturdier than Jazwares ever was.