Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kickstarter: Heroes of the World - DURGA!

Heroes of the World - Durga the Warrior Goddess (and Lion Steed) - Brillist 2014

I just backed my third Kickstarter campaign!  Unfortunately this one is off to a much slower start than my previous backings, which is a total shame because I think this concept and figure are brilliant.  Durga is a ten-armed Hindu Goddess who rides a Lion steed.  Without any further history lessons, that visual alone should have you throwing your money behind this endeavor.  Eastern religions always intrigue me with their other-worldly deities.  And the ornate decor and animal themes just add to my fascination.  Western religions are very boring in comparison (speaking visually of course).  Unfortunately for me, the history and stories behind individual Hindu figureheads is knowledge I am never able to retain.  I just read her entire wiki page, but barely absorbed a thing (aside from the fact that it made me want her in action figure form even more!)  Let's all rally behind this project people! :)

You can see the KICKSTARTER page here.

I took some screenshots from the Kickstarter video to show her leg articulation.

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  1. If I had the founds to back a kickstarter this would be to one for me! This would go great with my Rama and Hanuman figures. Its to bad that kridana toys is gone because i still want the alternate color of Hanuman but the figures are impossible to find now.

    1. Ooh I know those figures you are talking about. I had that kridana page bookmarked for years but I never took the plunge and bought them. What is the alternate color for Hanuman? All I can find is the standard release.

    2. You know Im not really sure what it was now :/ I just remember that there was another one i always ment to get but never got back around to it. I think it might have had black pants instead of white ...maybe but Im really not sure at all.