Tuesday, October 21, 2014


NYCC Exclusive DC 3D Figural Keychain 5-Pack - Monogram 2014

New York ComicCon was a bit of a bummer this year in the toy department.  Mattel's absence, Hasbro setting up shop at a different location (again), and no DCC exclusives all combined to bring the bar down a bit.  This 5-Pack of DC Keychains from Monogram was one of only two (!) purchases I made at the show.  I saw them listed in the exclusives guide before the show and I wasn't overly impressed.  But when I saw them in person at the Monogram booth I was hooked.  What I like most about them is how they look like the Little Big Planet characters which I've always been fond of.  The Keychains are also larger and heavier than I expected.  Their heads are about the size of a walnut shell and heavy like a dense ball of rubber.  I found myself handing the box to my friends just so they could feel the weight.  The box was fairly expensive at around $40-45 (I forget).  But it was one of my only purchases so it seemed justified.  Let's check out the adorable little novelties below!

These keychains are made of a dense rubber similar to those Japanese collectible erasers that were all the rage a couple years ago.  The body is rigid, but her pom-poms and gloves are malleable.

Time for Some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here's the whole gang from the 5-Pack

Here's Harley with (from Left to Right): Mini Mez-Itz, Funko Vinyl³, Monogram NYCC Keychain, Lil' Mates, and Funko Pocket Pop.



  1. Amazing collection of HQ there at the bottom! I had never seen these MI keychains before. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks! I think these really flew under the radar for most collectors. I sold my extras on ebay and the bidding got a little crazy. I haven't seen anyone else offering them for sale since. At the same time, I'll bet they become available in some other way eventually. Like I know the SDCC Monogram PVC figure sets showed up in comic shops a few months ago. Time will tell.