Monday, October 20, 2014

Masters of the Universe Classics - SWEET BEE!
Masters of the Universe Classics - Club Etheria Mattycollector Exc - Mattel 2014

This figure is exactly the reason why I love MOTUC so much. In the classic She-Ra cartoons, my least favorite character by far was Sweet Bee.  I didn't like her looks, I didn't like chemistry with He-Man, and I absolutely loathed her voice. Of all the POP characters to be made into MOTUC figures (back in the day when it was just a pipe dream to get them all), she was very low on my list of wants. Never underestimate the Four Horsemen though.  When this figure was revealed earlier this year, I didn't waste any time before eating my words.  She's gorgeous. The best part about it is that this figure makes me totally reappraise my feeling about the original animated Sweet Bee.. kind of like how a cover of a song makes you appreciate the original. When it came time to make a decision about subbing up for 2015, the excellent interpretation of Sweet Bee was my deciding factor. Perfuma is another character I've always kind of dreaded for this line, but now I'm excited to see what they can do with her. Let's check out Sweet Bee!

Sweet Bee comes with her Space Helmet, a Shield, and a Stinger Gun.

Here she is without her wings.

Her helmet is a separate head (ie.. it doesn't squeeze over her regular head).

Her wings are reversible.  Although translucent, one side has grooves in the pattern of an insect wing, and the other has a stippled texture.

Here are some images of Sweet Bee from the cartoon.

Time for Some Group and Comparison Pics!

This is my attempt the recreate the love triangle from Sweet Bee's first episode.



  1. Iv really missed out on some great female figures from this line. I hadn't even seen this one before now because I dont keep up with what they are releasing. This is a really nice looking figure, and I agree that she was an irritating character on the show.

    1. I just put all my MOTUC figures out on display after being packed away during my recent move. For the first time ever I'm being proactive and leaving space for all the amazing characters yet to come out. This year we still have Mermista, Spinnerella, and Galactic Protector She-Ra on the horizon. And next year we're getting Angella, Peekablue, Huntara, Mara, and Perfuma. It's going to be a very exciting year for POP fans.

  2. Oh, amazing review. Fantastic pictures. Loving it!! Love the bee theme reviews. You do have one of the most exciting and well thought out blog. Well done you! An inspiration.
    And yes, even if I didn't watch POP. Too old. I adore this figures, and I cannot believe they are even made. Who says female toys don't sell? It makes me proud to be a collector do pop memorabilia. (I do collect both male and female figures, but I probably wouldn't if they never made a Princess Leia or Wonder Woman in the first place).

    1. Thanks! This blog is much more fulfilling and fun for me than I ever thought possible. I'm creeping up on my 500th review soon. And my absolute favorite thing to do is come up with themes and character spolights. Those really tickle my obsessive compulsiveness in the best way possible. I have several planned through the end of 2015 already! I also collect male figures, but I just like the female characters more. I always use the fantastic four as my example.. without Susan they're pretty boring.

  3. Great review and pics as always, but I just haven't been feeling it with the MOTUC ladies this year. Flutterina was a home run, and Entrapta was very nice, but the heavy hitters that I was really looking forward to like Glimmer, Sweet Bee, and Mermista have been a little disappointing. I think it's the sculpts. They're not unattractive, but they're really not striking either. Maybe I'm just getting spoiled by Funko and DCC lately. I picked up the first GoT Daenerys earlier this week. She looks tiny next to the Magic girls, but I love the figure. Then there's DCC Zatanna who came out yesterday with one of the most beautiful faces I think I've ever seen on a female figure. I'm sure we'll be seeing her here any day now. ;-)

    I'm glad you enjoy doing the blog, because I love reading it. I often played the female characters in video games too, I'm also a bit of a boy feminist (I'm proud to say I've never set foot in a strip club), and I gravitate towards female characters in movies, TV, and comics. I just adore women in general. I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't, so it's nice to find a kindered spirit.

    1. By now I guess you realized I skipped the Zatanna. Funny thing is that I skipped her because I DIDN'T like her face. Aesthetics are a funny thing like that. I also just got done responding to a (long overdue) post defending the Daenerys figure to someone who really disliked it. Thank God we aren't all drawn to the exact same thing though or else there would be no variety and everyone would be fighting over the same figures.

      I loved all the POP ladies this year, although I agree that older figures like Netossa and Castaspella outshine them all.

      Your strip club comment made me laugh because I was forced to go to one in Puerto Rico with a bunch of rowdy drunk groomsmen who I didn't know and who didn't speak any english (I was just at the wedding as a +1 for the maid of honor). It was a horribly stressful night, but looking back it was a crazy memorable experience.

      I find that a ton of guys tend to focus on female characters... more that you might think. This is especially apparent in the fanbase of popular shows like Game of Thrones and American Horror Story. The female characters are definitely the standouts, and male fans embrace them wholeheartedly. Oddly enough you don't find much of that same attitude in the action figure hobby. But that's why I started this blog. I knew there had to be others! Glad you found me :)