Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Target Exclusive MONSTER HIGH Figurines!

Monster High -  Scary Cute Howl-oween Figures - Target - Just Play Toys 2014

I don't know anything about Monster High.  I don't collect dolls (contrary to what my father thinks) and I've never seen the cartoons.  Despite that though, it's hard not be at least peripherally aware of this uber-popular brand.  The impact these characters have had on the toy world is undeniable.  I personally love how they took a girly medium (fashion dolls) and made it edgy and cool.  The fact that Toys R Us has an entire girl's aisle that isn't pink is startling.  Plus they regularly have convention exclusives aimed at adults (which greatly increases their street cred in my opinion).  I've always wanted some representation of this brand in my collection, but I just couldn't get past the "doll-ness" of them.  Then luckily these Target exclusive Halloween figures came around.  They aren't too large; They aren't too expensive; And the series seems finite.  Basically they are the perfect resolution to my Monster High vacancy.  Now I'm secretly hoping they make some more characters.  Let's check out these 5 ladies below!

Up first is

Frankie Stein
(Daughter of Frankenstein's Monster)

(Daughter of Dracula)

Clawdeen Wolf
(Daughter of the Werewolf)

Abbey Bominable
(Daughter of the Yeti)

Lagoona Blue
(Daughter of the Sea Monster)

Here are some promotional graphics of the group.

All of these figures (with the exception of Abbey) were released previously as figurines in 2012's IPad game system Apptivity by Mattel.  The figure sculpts are identical, but some of the paint differs and their bases are much thicker and more noticeable.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!



  1. I was looking at these but havent bought any of them, I do have a good number of the actual dolls though.

    1. They still have them out at Target with the Christmas stuff. I was hoping they'd add a couple new girls to the bunch. The closest thing I have to a doll is the DC Direct 12" Batgirl figure. I kept her in the package though because I'm not sure how much I like her. Same with the 200x She-Ra exclusive.

  2. They look sweet. The best is the wolf girl. I mainly have plastic figures, but I have some Tonner, Hot Toys, disney villains etc. so I caved in and got a naked Webarella ( yeah I don't need the girlish clothing). Something about the six arms...
    As you said way cooler than Barbie ( of which I have a couple -Elektra, Cyndi Lauper). Still very anorexic thou, but alas no massive bobs as Barbs.

    1. Beyond the fuss of dealing with rooted hair and clothes, I just can't handle the shelf space or the price tags on most dolls. I've often considered getting the superhero Barbies, but I've never taken the plunge.

    2. i understand. I always say i don't collect dolls, but then i realised i have bout 30 odd (compare to thousands of action figures), so i guess that i do. At the end of the day i collect nice representations of characters i love, or at least of cool designs i know nothing about but look great. I call it my cheap art collection. Thou is no longer that cheap put together. Oh well. yep i have dolls. Whatever! haha.