Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WWE Canadian Superstar NATALYA (Take Two)!

WWE Superstars #43 - Natalya (Version 2) - Mattel 2014

It's been a while since I've had a new WWE girl to review.  I never found the Naomi and Cameron 2-Pack and I've skipped a bunch of AJ Lee and Bella Twins repaints, but I never stop cruising the WWE aisle just to see what's new.  I've mentioned before that I know nothing about Wrestling, and I also don't pay (obsessive) attention to this WWE line from Mattel.  The end result is that this is the one toy line that still has the potential to surprise me when I find a figure in the stores.  I have no idea who is in the lineup.  I just look for figures, and if I see one I like, I buy it.  That's why it was super confusing for me when I found this figure at K-Mart a few weeks ago.  I thought she looked great, and she didn't look familiar, but something was making me think I had somehow reviewed her already.  So I checked my blog only to discover that Natalya had an entirely different figure in 2012.  I don't know how common a resculpt is in this line, but I tend to think it's pretty rare treatment.  Kudos to Natalya for making the cut!

Natalya has the same great articulation we've come to expect from this line.  In fact, she shares an identical body with a ton of the WWE ladies in my collection.

Time for Some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with 2012's Natalya.



  1. This is the head scan from Mattel's first Natalya released years ago. The open smiling scan was more recent & looks much more like Natalya. Fans were a little confused as to why they would use the old scan for this new figure.

    I don't mind the outfit, but I'll be skipping this version of Nattie.

    Eva Marie has a figure out now which is really nice looking. I plan to track her down soon:

    Brie Bella will have a new scan for her upcoming figure. (Mattel said her face will look better)

    A new Alicia Fox too:

    Thanks Alex!

    1. After I read your comment weeks ago I went hunting Eva like crazy. Finally found her Monday and will photograph her tonight. Interesting about this being an old head sculpt. I don't have the original Natalya so this figure was all new to me. If it had the smiling head I probably would have skipped her entirely since she'd be so similar to my other one.

  2. I love the wide range of figures that are featured here. My wallet doesn't, but I do. I don't currently own any WWE figures, but I'm thinking of picking up a Natalia. I just can't decide which one. I actually like the sculpt on one of the older Jakks figures the best, but then I'm looking at head swaps, repaints, and twice as much money.

    I may have to pick up Tamina too. I think she's the got the best sculpt/paint of all the Divas I've looked at so far.

    God, I used to watch their fathers wrestle when they were in the prime of their careers. I'm getting old! LOL!

    1. I opted for the smiling Natalia. I think if I give her hair a golden brown paint wash, darken her eyelashes around the tops and outside corners, and use different shades of pink/red to define her lips and the interior of her mouth, the sculpt will pop a lot more. I got one loose on eBay for $15 shipped. Also got a Tamina for under $11 shipped. It's a nice change from the $22 to $27 a figure I've been coughing up lately.

    2. I'm so behind in responding to comments! Glad you picked up a WWE lady. They can be so addictive because they're cheap and abundant. I don't know if you're in the US or not, but my Target has all WWE figures for $7 right now. I grabbed Eva Marie the other day. And I keep seeing the New AJ Lee (in Pink) at Walmart and I think they're on sale there too. Kaitlyn and Eve Torres are two of my favorites so far.