Friday, November 14, 2014

LEGO Legends of Chima - LI'ELLA!

Legends of Chima - 70146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple - LEGO 2014

LEGO's newest theme-of-the moment thrills me.  I love nature, I love animals, and I love fantastical adventure with warring tribes.  Basically this type of property is perfect for me.  My formative years in the 1980s were full of this: ThunderCats, Silverhawks, TigerSharks, even G.I.Joe got reptilian when Cobra-La was introduced.  But in modern times, this formula has definitely lost it's mojo.  With the exception of the more silly variety (TMNT, Biker Mice From Mars, etc) anthropomorphic characters have really been on the back-burner.  Then Chima came along and made up for decades of neglect.  There are tons of different animal species represented in the different tribes and female characters get decent recognition.  This mini-figure of Li'Ella is notable because she's the first female in the Lion tribe.  The main character of the Chima cartoon is a young male lion (basically Lion-O), so it was important to get some female representation in this "main" tribe.  Let's check her out in detail below!

Li'Ella comes in a large playset that includes 7 minifigures.  She is a guard of the Phoenix Temple.

Here are some images without her chest armor.

All Chima figures come with double-sided heads so you can choose your facial expressions.  In this particular figure there isn't much difference in the eyes, so the "helmeted" versions look practically identical.

Here are some images of Li'Ella from the cartoon.

Time for a Group Shot!

Here she is with a bunch of the Chima ladies.  I reviewed them all back in Spring.



  1. I see two (often neglected) gals missing from the group photo - Sibress the female sabertooth (she comes with the Tiger set but you can get her for a good price single) and Vultrix the vulture gal, who comes with Vultrix's flyer (which is basically a Klingon Bird of Prey!)
    Also, there is another Liella and an unnamed lioness soldier released with a 3-pack troop builder. I wish they made more of those, for all the tribes, but sadly the toyline is over.

    1. You just made my day. I've been hunting Sibress for a while, but I've been a sluggish and unmotivated since the line is kaput. I was just looking at the Brickipedia listings today to see if there were any other additional characters I didn't know about. I had no idea that Vultrix existed until you mentioned her. I just doublechecked and she's not listed as one of the vulture tribe mini figures. I have the lioness tribe pack, but i never even opened it. Also, let's not forget Maula! (I don't think she was released yet when I posted this review.)

    2. Yeah, she was a late release, actually never made it here to Europe except in special Lego stores. I stupidly waited for the price to drop, instead she disappeared... Luckily she is readily available in the USA for around 27-30$.
      Vultrix looks really nice, love her hat which looks like a pilot cap.

      If you want Sibress here is a cheap one with free shipping!
      It's funny - her face under the cat head is actually a totally different color than the actual head.
      Oh yeah, I am missing Maula too. There was a listing for a Mammoth troop-pack too, but sadly that never got released.