Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Funko Pop! - LADY SIF!

Pop! Marvel #56 Lady Sif - Thor: The Dark World - Funko 2014

Asgard is quickly filling up with powerful females.  Between the new female Thor and his long lost sister Angela getting their own solo titles in the last month, I was afraid that Sif would get lost in the shuffle.  Luckily her roles in both Thor films as well as numerous animated endeavours has cemented her role in the Marvel Universe.  Her own solo series in 2013 (under the Journey Into Mystery banner) was fantastic and I thought it was a shame it ended so abruptly.  Despite her mainstream fame, I didn't expect any more merchandising for the character after her 2010-2012 surge of popularity.  I even created a Character Spotlight post for her when I assumed my Sif collection was complete.  This Funko Pop figure was a welcome surprise though.  It's interesting also because this is my first bobblehead Pop.  I've noticed that some Pops have stationary heads and some bobble, but this was my first time seeing one in person.  Let's check out Lady Sif in detail below!

The bobble-aspect adds a lot of height to her neck.  This makes her look rather un-Pop-like in my personal opinion.  Hopefully the spring will relax in time and settle her head onto her shoulders like the stationary-headed Pops.

Here is an overbearing collection of Sif images from comics, cartoons, and film.

Time for a Group Pic!



  1. Sif is quite a C-list character. Im shocked there are this many representations. I have the Eaglemoss figurine. I would love a classic 6" as i read Thor in the early 80's.

    1. C-List characters who get long-overdue attention is one of my greatest thrills in this hobby. I would love to see a larger-scale figure of Sif someday. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw one in the Marvel Select line, but it would likely be a modern interpretation.