Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Masters of the Universe Classics - SPINNERELLA!

MOTUC Club Etheria Exclusive - Spinnerella - Mattel 2014

The Great Rebellion is really filling out the ranks as Club Etheria draws to a sad close. Spinnerella was one of the many Princess of Power characters to appear in only a single episode of the cartoon, yet warrant the full vintage and modern action figure treatment. To be honest, Spinnerella is my second least-desired POP character (after Perfuma). Her look, her name, and her power just scream "doll gimmick" to me, however I have to concede and admit I like this MOTUC figure a lot.  While she is definitely the girliest and least formidable-looking POP girl so far, she has a unique regal presence among my collection.  I just re-watched her episode and she is toted as a very powerful character who can spin and create a magical destructive cyclone.  Her rumored/implied connection to Netossa just makes her all the more interesting.  Here's the rundown:  They come to this part of Etheria while on a vacation together.  They share a room and decide to go out dancing.  They're fiercely protective of each other.  And they hug a lot.  I'm not sold, but I'm intrigued.  Draw your own conclusions.  Let's check out Spinnerella below!

The streamers on Spinnerella's arms are made from a rigid inflexible (mostly) plastic.  The streamers on her skirt however are very flexible.  Like a thick cape.

The poseability is very limited due to the fact that her gauntlets do not rotate.  In order to have her arm streamers obey gravity, you have really limit the kind of poses you choose.

All the images above this point are of Spinnerella in her vintage toy look (ie.. she has a crown and bigger hair).  Below will be the Filmation animated look without that crown.  This change is achieved with a removable ponytail that pins the crown piece to the head.

Aside from her hair accessories, Spinnerella also comes with a spear and a shield.

Here are a bunch of screengrabs I just made while watching the episode.

There are a few paint issues on this figure.  Luckily none of them on mine are visible in a basic pose.
This skuffed up blue paint is one the back of one of her arm streamers.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!



  1. love this. just ordered it. Im fairly on top of my MOTU gals, missing Battleground Evil Lynn and Sweet Bee, but i refuse to pay £60 for the, That Shadow Weaver nearly kill me, and i got an average cheaper price. My collection is looking great thou. Thinking of doing a new blog from scratch, with other stuff im interested too. But ill get help to not make the previous mistakes, You got it perfect. so jealous. Big fan.

    1. I always feel a pang of pain for all those who missed out on Shadow Weaver. She is such an important and well-made figure. I subbed for the first time when I saw she would be the exclusive figure. It was kind of a jerk move on Matty's part to make a "must-have" so hard to get, but if they were looking for a gimmick to boost subs, I'm sure she did the trick.

      I'm about to start a new blog, too. I took about a thousand pics of one of my non-toy collections a couple months ago. It would be a stagnant site though because the products are no longer produced. Blogging is fun as long as you don't let it stress you out. This page is so enjoyable to me because I never get to talk about toys otherwise. Plus when I buy something new I am compelled to immortalize it right away in a review. It kind of comes natural. Make sure to let me know when you get off the ground and I'll follow you.

    2. Great advice. Thank you. First, Shadow Weaver: i am sure they knew/know that some collectors will only get the girls ( i know i do), and the scalpers were terrible. took me awhile to get her. I cannot wait for your new blog! i think the trick is consistence. i check you out along the main three figure sites, pretty much daily. Your charm, and difference, is that you put old, offbeat, and new alike, so you keep it interesting. The Fwoosh, also does this very well. my dream is to have a ready set stage for the toys and then i will do it properly. But right now i really need a retro turntable, as my other passion is vinyl. And for sure, i will keep you posted if i ever get organised enough to start again. I certainly have enough figures (lots of them, thanks to you) and would love to share them. I often put stuff on my Facebook (Ariel Lagunas) and have a small community going on, but like you i only have one friend i ever talk toys to.

    3. Just sent a friend request. I noticed Miss Spell in your one cover photo haha