Monday, December 22, 2014

Playmobil SEA WITCH!

Playmobil: Waterworld - Magical Ocean Queen 4816 - Playmobil 2009

There was a brief period about twenty years ago when I became obsessed with Playmobil.  There was a little boutique kids store in my hometown that had a whole wall of them and I found them adorable and cheap (they cost about $2.50 at the time).  It was a quickly passing fad for me though and I soon passed on my small collection to my young relatives.  Then a few years ago Playmobil started releasing their blind bag Fi?ures series and my interest was renewed.  I've collected a few random figures here and there, but my favorite overall theme is to collect witches and evil queens.  My inability to find the Series 6 Maleficent figure was the only reason I didn't do a big group review this past Halloween.  This Sea Witch figure (also known as Magical Ocean Queen) is one of my favorites.  There's nothing like a good evil mermaid.  She was a part of a fantastic series called Waterworld which consisted of Mermaids, Mer-men, Underwater Ghouls, Sea-Beasts, etc.  Let's check out the Sea Witch below!

The circular eye template is visible when up close.  I'm assuming most Playmobils with non-dot eyes look like this.

It might be hard to tell in these pictures, but she has a black mermaid fin instead of feet.

The Magical Ocean Queen comes with a Seahorse, a Seaweed Harness, Electrical Bolts, an Eel, and a Sharp-Toothed fish.

Here are some snapshots of the pack-in catalog insert.

Time for a Comparison Shot!



  1. Playmobil have made some really great characters and they do right by their girls too, without focusing only on princesses and faeries (but they have those too!) I have a Maleficent but really need the polkadot dress wearing gal from the latest wave so I can make a 50s Harley Quinn. Hit me up if you want to talk trade!

    1. Is this the polka-dotted figure you mean?

      I didn't even realize I had her until I was going through a box of stuff to sell on ebay. If you want to swap her for Maleficent I'm totally in!