Friday, January 16, 2015


SprüKits - Poseable Figural Model Kit - Halo: Sarah Palmer - Bandai 2014

I never would have guessed an action figure could spark the reaction in me that this figure did.  I bought this kit at Toys'r'us to appease myself after a fruitless day of searching for the X-Men Legends Wave (Storm in particular) back in December.  I kind of forgot about the purchase until after the holidays when I dedicated an evening to clearing off the coffee table, popping in a movie, and hunkering down for a very nostalgic few hours.  Just the muscle memories that were triggered from twisting all the little pieces off their sprues was euphoric.  I spent many hours in my youth building model planes, submarines, and dinosaurs, and this figure just brought that all flooding back.  For those unaware, Bandai's SprüKits line are snap-together model kits that build highly-articulated action figures.  This figure had 113 pieces and it's only a level 2 (of 3).  Aside from the nostalgic element, the fact that I've assembled all the little pieces of a double-hinged knee makes me respect the engineering of action figures so much more.  I highly suggest picking one of these sets up.  Let's check out Halo's Commander Sarah Palmer below!

Inside the box is a large fold-out assembly guide, several different colored sprues, and a sheet of decal stickers.

Here she is all assembled,  It didn't take that long (less than the length of a movie).  I'm embarrassed with these pictures because I have her left shoulder slumped down in nearly every photo.  It's attached with a post and ball joint (like a most of the modern female Transformers) so the shoulder can be raised and lowered in very un-anatomical ways.

The hardest part of assembling her was putting on the decals.  They are so tiny that I was using toothpicks to place them correctly.

When fully assembled like in the pictures above, Sarah comes with extra hands (with removable guns), some gadgets to let you mount the guns to her body, and a figure stand.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with two Halo girls from McFarlane Toys, Kat and Spartan Air Attack.  The scale match is almost perfect!  Sarah is a little smaller (and much much lighter).


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