Monday, December 3, 2012

Halo Reach Series 6 - KAT (UNHELMETED)!

UNSC Spartan KAT-B320 from McFarlane Toys 2012

I picked up this little gem last winter at a clsoing TRU but am just getting around to reviewing her now.  I've mentioned more than a few times that I don't play video games anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't find the characters exciting.  Halo is one of those properties that will be around for a long long time.  I feel like their percentage of shelfspace in the toy aisles is growing every year and the game franchise is pretty much a household name.  This character, Kat, is the second-in-command of Noble Team, a group of elite Spartan soldiers in the Halo: Reach game (you, as a player, would be Noble Six, fighting alongside her).  She is notable for being the one of the only female Spartans with a name and for having a cybernetic arm.  A version of this toy was previously released with a helmeted head, but I chose to wait for this version since she would have been so similar to the female Spartan Air Assault figure.  On to the review.

Kat only comes with two small accessories:  a grenade and a pistol.  The pistol has a peg so it can be mounted to multiple points on her armor.

She pretty much has the same body as the previously reviewed pink female Spartan Air Assault figure.  Check out that review for some more detailed articulation shots.

Time for a comparison shot!



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