Friday, February 6, 2015

Marvel Legends - CAPTAIN MARVEL!

Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Allfather Wave - Maidens of Might - Hasbro 2015

I absolutely love this figure.  Carol Danvers has always been a hit-or-miss character for me.  There are times when I adore her, there are times when I find her annoying.  Same goes for her costume.  Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it.  Her current incarnation as Captain Marvel, though, is all love.  The fact that she's in a full body suit with no bared midriff or awkward thongs, yet is more appealing than ever, speaks volumes.  Her hair is awesome too.  Cool modern hairstyles are really underrepresented in female heroes, let alone in toys of them.  Marvel Legends is set to have one of those most amazing years for female figures ever, and this Captain Marvel is an awesome way to start.  Carol shares the "Maidens of Might" slot in this wave with Scarlet Witch.  Each of the two comes with variant Odin heads, capes, and weapons as BAF accessories which make them both very sought-after figures.  Kudos to Hasbro for this figure and this entire year's lineup.  Let's check her out below!

Her body buck is fantastic.  This same mold was used for Moonstone and Ms. Marvel.  In my mind, it's tied with the Mattel MOTU female buck as my favorite of all time.

This figure is almost perfection.  She does unfortunately have some paint flaws.  Mine has blue patches throwing through the yellow of her star emblem and the red of her shoulders.

Captain Marvel comes with an alternate masked head and an energy blast.  The energy blast is made of a soft flexible plastic that easily fits over either of her hands.

I love love love the masked head.  This costume design is incredibly cool

Here are some images of Captain Marvel from the comics.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her slot-mate Scarlet Witch.

And here she is with the Target exclusive Ms. Marvel from this past Fall.



  1. Although the DC in me always cringes when anyone besides Billy Batson is calle 'Captain Marvel' I have to say this is a gorgeous figure. I love the inclusion of two different heads. It's hard to say which one is cooler, and that's a rare feat indeed!

    1. I hear that. Although I have noticed a definite shift towards the Shazam moniker. Actually I just googled it amd it looks like DC scrapped "Captain Marvel" in favor of Shazam in 2011, I assume that was part of the New52 reboot. I can't wait to get another copy of this figure to display both heads! She's gorgeous.

  2. I'm really happy with this version of Captain Marvel. Hasbro did a nice job.

  3. Loving this CM. Even if at the beginning i thought she looked too much like MiracleWoman. I just wish the artist would make up their mind about what her hairstyle is: pixie, long, mohawk, mullet... its exhausting!

    1. I never thought about the MiracleWoman parallels. You're spot-on. I always assumed it was a more-or-less direct swap from the male Captain Marvel, but I just checked it out and there were a ton of differences. I hope they stick with the faux-hawk look.