Monday, February 16, 2015

TOY FAIR 2015 Coverage - DC Collectibles & DST!

DC Icons - Designer Series - BTAS Femme Fatales - Marvel Select

Diamond Select Toys

A very exciting development this year was the revelation that DST has the rights to DC media properties.  They showed products from Batman the Animated Series, the 1966 Batman TV show, and Fox's Gotham.  

The BTAS Bust of Poison Ivy is due in Q4 2015 for $59.99 and Catwoman will be in Q1 2016 (there's also a variant black & white version of Catwoman)

They also showed Femme Fatale statues of all the DC animated ladies: Catwoman (Q1 2016), Harley Quinn (Q4 2015),  Poison Ivy (August 2015), Batgirl (2016), Supergirl (July 2015), and Wonder Woman (Q1 2016).  The best part is the $45 price point.  There was also apparently an animated Hawkgirl shown but I swear it wasn't in the booth on Saturday when I was there.

They also showed this cool vinyl Harley bank.

DST was not allowing photos of two particularly amazing products.  First was an amazing Yvonne Craig Batgirl Bust.  It looked phenomenal.  I've been wanting this product forever.  She's in a classic "one arm up" pose that you always see Yvonne Batgirl in.  There was also a full-sized '66 Batgirl statue shown for $200.  I wasn't as much of fan of the headsculpt on this one, but trust me, the bust is perfection.  Secondly, they showed action figures of Gotham.  Cat looked fantastic, as did Penguin.  There was a third figure, who I think was Gordon, but honestly I was so taken by Cat that my memory is fuzzy.

I was just about to post a picture of a new Universal Monster figure.  I decided to remove it because I think I was asked not to post it.  It was of an Egyptian goddess statue painted in a bronze patina.  I thought it might be Cleopatra or Princess Anck es en Amon, but I can't be sure.   Either way, it was gorgeous and definitely deserves a place on my spooky shelf.

Speaking of spooky, DST seems to have the Nightmare Before Christmas license now.  I really hope these fit in the with NECA figures because I have an extensive collection of those and I'd hate to start over.

Finally, this was the first time I've seen these "Create Your Own.. Comic Book Hero" kits.  They are a Previews Exclusive.

DC Collectibles

Before I get into the new reveals.  Let's reveal the already-announced figures that's we're expecting this year.

Batman Animated Universe Harley Quinn, Roxy Rocket, and Poison Ivy

New52 Poison Ivy, Roller Girl Harley Quinn, and New52 Catwoman Bust

Infinite Crisis Atomic Poison Ivy and Mecha Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman was not officially solicited yet)

Okay.  Now on to the new stuff.  The DC Icons series was announced right before Toy Fair, but the show gave us out first looks at Harley Quinn and Atomica

The next designer series will be by Terry Dodson and seems to be made up of the newly re-imagined Teen Titans.  Displayed at the show were Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy.

She's already been announced, but this was the first time I got to see BTAS Batgirl in person.

Another awesome Arkham Origins 3-Pack with Electrocutioner, Lady Shiva, and Dr. Harleen Quinzel

Arkham Origins Harley Quinn

The Designer Series Jae Lee figures look great in person.  I can't wait to get them.

This Bleez Covergirls statue is unexpected and gorgeous.

Now, I'm always impressed with the selection of products presented by DC Collectibles.  But at the same time, I'm always disappointed because I have an extensive wish list that I always have my hopes set high for.  Humor me while I list them here for you.

I really thought we'd see a Batwoman and Hawkfire 2-Pack.  I've always thought Batwoman at least would be a shoe-in, but now with the cancellation of her series I'm getting nervous.

Bluebird and Burnside Batgirl?  For all the hype they've been getting this year I thought they'd receive a little love.  (Batgirl does have a Black & White statue coming).

This one is far-fetched, but with all the BTAS action, I really want to see a Batwoman figure from  the Mystery of the Batwoman film.  She's such a cool design and they can even reuse Batgirl's body.

Another far-fetched dream figure for me is Black Orchid.  Whether it's in her original 70's look or her New52 design from Justice League Dark, I don't really care.

Finally, this past year had a really fun storyline in the Batman titles called Gothitopia.  In a nutshell, everyone in Gotham was in a trance where everything was perfect.  I thought the character designs were awesome.  Batgirl as Bluebelle, Batwoman as Brightbat, and Catwoman as Catbird.  It will never happen, but they could be easy redecos of existing characters.

Ah well... next year.



  1. I am extremely excited that we're getting an official Dr. Harleen Quinzel figure, and she looks downright gorgeous! Slightly odd ab hinge joint aside, the Icons Harley Quinn looks like the best figure of the character so far. I'm also really happy that we're getting a figure of Felicity Smoak from the Arrow TV show. Hopefully, I'll be able to grab multiples somewhere down the line, because she's the ideal base figure for a Lois Lane!!

    1. Yes the Dr. Quintzel is wonderful. I was always tempted to splurge on that Lego figure just to have representation of her in my collection. Maybe it was a trick of the large spacious showroom, but the Icons Harley seemed small compared to most DCC figures. She seemed almost identical size (and articulation) to the DCUC Harley. I'm really looking forward to seeing them side-by-side. I haven't watched Arrow so Felicity doesn't really mean much to me, but she is a great looking figure. I was hoping to see a Huntress figure though,

    2. I might have to get that set to get Dr. Quinzel as well. I did nab the LEGO figure off eBay a while ago so at least I have her in one form!

    3. I think it has been confirmed that the Icons line is in 6 inch scale, as sort of an alternative/replacement to DCUC. Even putting aside that Felicity is a fan favourite character, it's always a triumph to see a "civillian" female figure put out. We've had so many figures of guys in suits, but not nearly enough of women in suits!

  2. So much Harley Quinn goodness! I'm really excited about her DC Icon figure!

  3. Finally, Lady Shiva! As soon as she was announced as an assassin in the game I was hoping for a figure and it's been a long wait. Looks like it will be worth it though. :)

    I can't believe they still haven't done a Batwoman figure. She has a Cover Girl statue, a bust and they showed off her Bombshell statue so they obviously think she's marketable when it comes to merchandise. Really hoping they announce one sometime this year.