Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Mezco - NECA - NJCroce - Madame Alexander - Monogram - Schleich - I Am Elemental


Batman Returns Mini Mez-Itz 
I'm super excited about this.  A fourth Catwoman Mini Mez-Itz is amazing.

Mortal Kombat - Kitana

Monogram International

Harley Quinn Paperweight Bust

DC Comics Figural Keychains

A Catwoman to add the the already-released Harley & Wonder Woman.

And a variant Catwoman.  I'm assuming in a black redeco.

Gamora too!

And here are some stickers that were shown in the Wonderland booth.  They show character designs for Batgirl and Supergirl, which I'm assuming we can expect in figural form at some point in the future.  These keychains are currently available as blind bags at Hot Topic.

Catwoman vinyl bank.

An entire set of interlocking Avengers paperweights.

Madame Alexander

I always cruise all the aisles at Toy Fair just to find the little gems.  I was racing through the doll aisles and stopped in my tracks when I saw the DC logo on the Madame Alexander sign.  I'm very familiar with Madame Alexander because I grew up in a house where my Mom and Sister collected them, and I had numerous aunts and cousins who did the same.

Classic Television DC - Standard Madame Alexander Format

Adam West 1966 Batman, Julie Newmar 1966 Catwoman, and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman.

Madame Alexander Play - Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman

Madame Alexander Fashion - Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, & Harley Quinn


Aliens - Ripley

My first look at what will likely be the greatest Sigourney figure ever.


Retro-styled astronaut Anne Hathaway

Scalers - Harley Quinn

I Am Elemental

Although their display at Toy Fair didn't reveal any new figures, there was an image posted on their website showing the first look at the upcoming Core Power series.

NJ Croce

1966 Batman Bendies

A Yvonne Craig Batgirl to join last year's Catwoman.

Batman the Animated Series

Batgirl and Harley Quinn

Bandai - S.H.Figuarts

Injustice Harley Quinn

Blip Toys

Grab Zags

Two different Harley Quinns added to the assortment.


Justice League Figurines - Harley Quinn

 You may have noticed these Justice League figurines popping up in the nature aisle of Toys R Us lately.  Keep your eyes peeled because Harley will be joining the pack soon.

Now, I am an admitted Bat-Lady fanatic, but this abundance of Harley really had nothing to do with my seeking her out.  At one point I was taking a break at Toy Fair, sitting down against a wall digging through my bag for my turkey jerky.  My friend Carl and I squatted there for a good 30 minutes and I realized that from that single vantage point I could see eight different Harley Quinns from a handful of different companies.  She's truly the star of the year.



  1. Holy yoga, Batman! Who would have ever expected to see Batman Animated Bendies in 2015!!! I have to have them all - and of course Miss Yvonne too!

    1. The tricky thing about these is that it's best to buy them in person since the paint can be so sloppy. My LCSs all carry them which is nice, and I've also seen the New Frontier Justice League ones at Walmart

  2. thank you for posting the dolls. Nobody else have! i like WW and the Madame's look great. Been tormenting myself bout selling my DC and Marvel Tonner, as they are big and don't really fit with the rest of my collection. I finally decided to keep them for now, as i have old 12" Cy-Girls, Bionic Woman, Little Rascals etc. So i have decided thou dolls are not what i mainly collect, i feel if i sell them i will never be able to afford them again, and i think i will love them whn i am much older. so to storage-for a rainy day- they go.

    1. I have that same to-sell-or-not-to-sell dilemma all the time. The free space and extra money is nice, but if there's even the slightest chance of a rekindled interest in the future, it's just not worth it to sell. And, yes, I'm aware that's the mantra of every hoarder ever.

      Glad you liked the Madame coverage. I still javen't shown my mom and sister. They'll be excited.