Thursday, March 12, 2015

Star Wars Rebels SABINE WREN!

Star Wars Rebels - Mission Series 08 - 2-Pack w/ Stormtrooper - Hasbro 2015

Star Wars is on the cusp of a major renaissance.  The long-rumored, long-denied sequel trilogy is finally hitting the theatres later this year, the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon is a success, and the long awaited return of Star Wars comics from Marvel are hitting the shelves.  All of this means that the expanded universe is rapidly growing, and my fingers are crossed for some great new female characters.  Sabine Wren is the token female in the first season of Star Wars Rebels.  The series takes place five years before A New Hope and follows the adventures of a group a young rebels in an unassuming freighter ship. Sabine is the weapons experts of the group.  She is a Mandalorian who previously served under Emperor Palpatine but now uses her skills for good (along with her artistic graffiti skills).  These animated style Star Wars figures never appealed to me before this purchase.  The Clone Wars toys had a heavy presence on the toy stores for years, but it look this purple Boba Fett to get me hooked.

Her guns fit in her holsters as well.

It's interesting that these figures, with their 5 points of articulation, are the 
closest thing we have to the vintage figures in the original scale.

Here are some images of Sabine Wren from the show.

Those images make me wish her helmet was removable

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Sabine Wren with her Stormtrooper pack-mate.

Here she is with Rav Bralor and Isabet Reau.



  1. A swappable head or removable helmet would be ideal, but otherwise she's a pretty cool looking figure.

    1. I know I would have loved a removable helmet, but I'm more likely to display her helmeted so I'm glad it's this version if it had to be one or the other.

  2. People are so up in arms over this character, saying that she discraces everything Mandalorian with her "defimation" of the uniform. I don't agree. She looks great.

    1. I think she looks great too. And the Mandalorian uniform has been seen in a lot of variations. Then again, I haven't seen this show yet, so maybe her characterization is off-putting for such a stoic warrior-class. But the fact that she's left her past behind and now embraced graffiti and weaponry should give her a free pass.