Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Super Friends WONDER WOMAN!

Re-Activated Series 03 - Super Friends Wonder Woman - DC Direct 2007

Wonder Woman has had a ton of animated designs throughout her career.  She is the most cartoon-ized female superhero by far.  The groundbreaking Super Friends series contained 7 iterations spread over 13 years and Wonder Woman was featured as a main cast member throughout.  Her look changed a lot of the course of the series as would be expected, so it's important to note that this action figure is based on the earlier versions from the 1970s. The later animated versions had much longer and more dynamic/modern hair. These Super Friends action figures are some of the most perfectly executed animated-style action figures I've ever seen. They capture the simple colorful joy of the cartoons while maintaining enough artistic interpretation to easily fit in with any comic-based collection. I'm a huge fan (and you should be too!).  The James Shoop sculpts are fantastic.  And the series was popular enough to warrant a selective re-release (of certain characters) in the third Re-Activated series from DCD.

Thanks again to James for sending me this figure.  I've always regretted never getting her when she was in the stores (either time) and now at long last she's in my greedy little hands!  You're a star!

The re-released "Re-Acivated" version has a slight re-deco.  Her costume now has a subtle pearlized sheen to it, where before it was flat, but bright, colors.  Also, the lasso is painted gold instead of the previous yellow.  
The three following pictures are of the original 2-Pack release.

Diana's pose is interesting.  You can easily make her stand at attention with her legs straight, but then the stars on her pelvis don't line up.  When you line them up, she's in a pretty distinct walking stride.

Here are a few images of Wonder Woman from the Super Friends series.

I found this really cool, yet disappointingly inactive, blog called Kick Azz Girlz that has very long and detailed informational posts (if you can't tell, I'm a sucker for long posts).  They have an awesome chronicle of the Animated Wonder Woman over time.  Great stuff.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!



  1. I'll agree with you: Wonder Woman is a fantastic looking animated figure. She really does beautifully capture the smooth, rounded style of the articulation.

    Still, I get frustrated that Wonder Woman's lasso is almost always a part of her sculpt rather than an accessory!

    1. Well I agree with you for the most part, but I have never seen an accessory lasso that I like. The little pieces of gold craft string that were the DC direct standard for so long are pretty crappy. so most of the time I think the sculpted lasso is an improvement over that, but I also display my figures lined up like they're posing for a yearbook photo, so I'm less likely to want to create action shots where the lasso would be important. Plus, this sculpted lasso in this figure made room for her invisible jet accessory (in the original 2-Pack at least).

  2. Great review as always!!! Are you going to review the Mighty Morphin Movie Pink Ranger from the new Legacy wave?

    1. Just posted it! It's funny because when I first saw this comment of yours I was really frustrated because I was unable to find her anywhere... but finally she started showing up. Now to find Trini!