Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gormiti: Supreme Eclipse Era - LORD OF THE AIR!

Gormiti: The Supreme Eclipse Era - Jessica (Lord of the Air) - Giochi Preziosi 2010

Gormiti is a popular Italian toy line created in 2005 by toy company Giochi Preziosi. The original incarnation of Gormiti was small 2-3" monster figures very reminiscent of 1987's Battle Beasts. The figures were split into good and evil factions and themed after four natural elements: Water, Earth, Forest, and Air. These toys were very popular and have really interesting color-themed designs. By 2008 there was an animated series. The major new development in the cartoon was the introduction of four young characters who gained the ability to transform into the Lords of Nature. The young Jessica Herleins could now become the Lord of the Air and rule over all the Air creatures. These human characters led to larger-scale (true) action figures. There were three iterations of the show and each featured an evolution of the character design. This feathered version of Jessica is from the second series (the Supreme Eclipse Era). In the first series she looked more like a Faerie. Let's check out Jessica below!

This figure has great articulation.  However, almost all the joints are hindered by the sculpt.  For instance.  Her wings and meant to fold back butterfly-style, but her hair hangs between the wings and prevents this.  Her pink shoulder armor hinders the full rotation of her arms.  And her elbows are restricted by the white feathers of her gauntlet.

Jessica comes with two arm attachments:  her Whirlwind, and her Power Sphere.

Here's a look at her bare arm pegs.

Here are some images of Jessica, the Lord of the Air, from the cartoon.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. She's pretty cool. Did these see a U.S. release?

    1. I don't think the 4-5" scale action figures ever did. I'm pretty sure the mini monster figures were all over the shelves in the mid-2000s though. There are three different Jessica action figures that I've been hunting for a couple years and I've never seen them from a US seller.