Monday, April 13, 2015


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie - TRU Exclusive - Bandai 2015

I thought I would never find this figure in the stores.  The original "Legacy-style" Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figures from last year were impossible for me to find. I was really upset about that, and I was just about to take the plunge and submit myself to eBay extortion when these Movie figures were announced.  This was the perfect solution for me.  I already have a few TV-version Rangers, so the subtle variations of the Movie costumes were just the intrigue I needed.  I never saw the movie so the extra head that Yellow Ranger came with was a nice surprise. A little googling showed me that the Movie Yellow Ranger (Aisha - not Trini) had spotlights on her head.  That's a very cool variation in my opinion.  Bandai has really upped their game with this new figure style.  They're so solidly built and super poseable.  Hopefully they produce more.  I'm excited to see Rita Repulsa and Scorpina at the very least.  Fingers crossed!  Let's check out Yellow Ranger below!

Here is Aisha's second "headlight" head, her holster, and her blaster.

The holsters just don't lay right on a curvy hip.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Movie Pink Ranger.