Sunday, April 19, 2015

Masters of the Universe Classics - QUEEN ANGELLA!

MOTUC Club Eternia - Angella - Exclusive - Mattel 2015

Every time I get a new MOTUC figure, I confidently proclaim it to be my favorite action figure ever. This Queen Angella of Brightmoon figure is definitely no exception. She's one of the most dynamic and interesting figures in my POP collection. Angella was far from my favorite character in the cartoon. There's no good reason for this, I just never thought she was that interesting in comparison to the rest of the Great Rebllion. Plus her hair always annoyed me. When this figure was first teased, I thought the re-use of DCUC Hawkgirl's wings was lazy, and when the first reports found her height to be significantly shorter than previous POP girls (including her daughter Glimmer), my expectations were lowered to pretty dismal levels. However, as soon as I got this figure in my hands, all my fears were assuaged.  The wings look a thousand times better on Angella than Hawkgirl, and although she is shorter than the rest of the girls, I will personally only be displaying her with a flight stand, effectively eliminating the problem.

Sometimes I complete a whole photo session and don't realize there was a mistake in the posing until I am editing the photos.  So, that said, please ignore the fact that her waist is slightly rotated and her belt is misaligned in most of these photos.

Angella comes with a sword and a detachable halo.

The Halo is a throwback to the vintage toy and fits over a peg at the top of her wing mount.

This figure is gorgeous.

Here are some images of Angella from the cartoon and design schematics.

These wings!  I'm dying.  They looked so boring and ordinary on Hawkgirl (because her body was weak and hunched over).  But Angella is strong and carries them well.  It's amazing how perfectly she balances considering the bulk of the wingspan.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Angella next to her daughter, Glimmer.  Although there is a big height difference, the halo really disguises that a bit.



  1. She is beautiful!

    I believe Glimmer was an oddly tall figure. I will also have Angella on a flying stand, though I need to find flying stands I like first! Some don't seem to elevate them much.

    I like the crotch pieces being glued down now. Looks a bit more like a leotard IMO.

    Looking forward to Peekablue!

    1. I agree with the glued-down crotch piece. It almost makes me want to attempt fixing some of the past figures.

      I've been seeing a lot of Angellas with wonky eyes, but I was lucky that both of mine looked good.

      I'm already anxious about Peekablue because I'm going to have my busiest July ever, but sh'es my most wanted character... I'm frustrated already knowing I won't get to open her right away haha.