Tuesday, April 21, 2015


HALO 4 - Series 03: Commander Sarah Palmer - McFarlane Toys 2015

Halo is one of those toy lines that I have no interest in, but then I keep getting suckered in by cool action figures that magically appear when the shelves seem to be devoid of my typical superhero fare.  This is now my 5th Halo toy which is surprising because I've never played the game, or even seen any gameplay aside from random commercials and that election day episode of The Good Wife.  (Interesting connection I just discovered: Ridley Scott, director the Good Wife is directing a digital feature called Halo: Nightfall featuring Good Wife star (and future Luke Cage), Mike Colter.  Nice cross-promotion there.  But I digress).  Commander Palmer gets some special attention because she's the only character I have two of.  I couldn't resist her Spr√ľKits model from earlier this year, although I may have skipped it if I knew this version was on the horizon.  This figure is of typical high quality along with my other McFarlane toys.  If other companies out there put this much effort into quality I'd be one happy boy.

Let's check out Commander Sarah Palmer below!

Her armor is bulkier and distinctly less feminine than my other Halo figures, but, hey, it's alien warfare, not fashion week.

Commander Palmer comes with two handguns.  The black pegs are present to mount the guns to her thighs, but they are removable so you can have a peg-free gun.

Here they are mounted to her thigh armor.

She has 25 points of articulation (at least that's how many I could count).  The joints are hidden well in her armor so it's hard to find them all.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Her she is with her Bandai Sprukits model from earlier this year.

...and with the Spartan Air Assault figure from 2011 and Kat from 2012.



  1. Excise me. Her name is Sarah and not Amanda

  2. Good call! I don't know what I was thinking. I had it right in the Sprukits review, but I got her name all screwed up in this one. Corrected now. Thanks!