Saturday, May 2, 2015

DC Comics Kubrick - SPOILER!

Kubrick - Batman: Series 1 Secret (1:96) Figure - Spoiler - Medicom 2003

I never thought I would get my hands on this figure. As one of the only pieces of Spoiler merchandise out there, it's been on my radar for over a decade. However, being the rare "Secret" figure of Series 01 makes her especially hard to find. The Kubrick collectors are pretty thorough, too, so that doubles the competition trying to get their hands on lil' ol Steph here. You can almost always find her on eBay for around $100, but that was always far beyond my budget for a tiny, undetailed brick figure. Luckily I snagged her super-duper cheap recently and I'm ecstatic. Stephanie Brown was completely off my radar until she became Robin in 2005. Unfortunately that was a very brief (and tragic) stint. I didn't notice her again until she became the new Batgirl in 2009. Then I was completely hooked. I quickly backtracked and became obsessed with her earliest incarnations as Spoiler, daughter of Cluemaster who was dedicated to "spoiling" the criminal plans of her father and other Gotham villains. Then New52 got her. She was shockingly absent in comics for years, but thankfully re-emerged again as Spoiler in 2014. Let's check her out!

Batman Series 01 was Blind-boxed.  Other series, like the Batman Animated and Movie ones, came carded.

There's not much to say about articulation.  It's pretty much a standard brick figure.  Clunky, but charming.

Here are some images of Spoiler from the comics.

And from her recent re-surfacing as Spoiler in the Batman Eternal storyline.  Note:  In the current Convergence: Batgirl comics, she's back in the mantle as Batgirl.

Here's a small sampling of the kinds of Kubrick DC figures that Medicom has produced over the years.  I have seven in my collection and I love them.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her only other figure, a Heroclix gamepiece.

And with her rare figure as Batgirl.



  1. Nice score, I never even knew this figure existed!

    I know it's been years and it was a pretty short stint, but I sure would love an action figure of Steph as Robin.

    1. That would be pretty sweet. Although they might make her hair look ridiculous like it did sometimes in the comics. They need to make her look like the Batgirl 53 cover.