Monday, May 4, 2015

Ultraforce - TOPAZ!

Ultraforce - Basic Series #8 - Topaz (Warrior Queen of Gwendor) - Galoob 1995

In the mid-nineties the Indy comic world was exploding.  Smaller imprints had been strong for years, but only in this time period did they start really encroaching on the superhero genres that had been cornered by Marvel and DC for decades.  I first discovered Malibu Comics with their freebie publication Malibu Sun that advertised all the new Image titles (Malibu was the initial publisher of record for Image).  These magazines soon introduced me to Ultraforce and the whole world of Ultraverse titles.  UltraForce is essentially the Avengers of Malibu's Ultraverse line.  All the main characters with solo books were teamed up for this title.  Topaz was a powerful warrior queen from the world of Gwendor.  Her homeworld was a matriarchal society where men were weaker and subservient to women.  This colored a lot her interactions with the other characters and gave her a fierce feminist slant.  Her mysterious blue skin and aggressive attitude always stood out to me.  Let's check out Topaz in detail below!

Doesn't the card graphic look like early Adam Hughes or Terry Dodson art?  I can't find the artist's name.

Topaz comes with her signature power staff as well as a projectile-launching canon.

Here are some images of Topaz from the comics and cartoon.

The animated UltraForce series lasted 13 episodes in 1995 on the USA network.

There was a super-rare variant called "Queen Topaz" with a white caped outfit and normal flesh-colored skin (as opposed to metallic blue).  This figure sells for hundreds of dollars.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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