Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sushi Squadron Sharida - BENNY!

Sushi Squadron Sharida - S-04 - Benny - TakaraTomyA.R.T.S. 2014

Yes. Transforming robot sushi. The toy world is so cool sometimes.  There's something especially great when a novelty item - something ostensibly intended as a joke product - evolves into a great toyline.  These Sushi Squadron Sharida figures are awesome.  In sushi form, they are roughly lifesize.  Of course the illusion is broken a little by the abundance of seams in the shari (rice).  The robot forms stand roughly 3.5" tall and are pretty adorable. This figure of Benny/Beni is a standard salmon sushi and is one of ten awesome characters in two separate waves representing different sushi, maki and ikura.  I've seen other Sushi-themed toys in the past, but I believe this is the first female I've ever seen.  She's a quirky, cartoony addition to my growing fembot shelf and I adore her.  I feel like he name means something sushi-related, but I can't figure it out.  Benihana (the Sushi restaurant) means Safflower, but that's not much help.  "Bento Box" maybe?  Who knows.  Anyway, let's check out Benny Sharida below!

I'll start with Benny in her fully-deco'd robot form.

Benny comes unadorned (except for her forehead decal) in her packaging.  There is a sticker sheet included to decorate her further.  All the pics prior to this image have the decals applied.

Her transformation is pretty easy.  Basically a "curl into a ball" method.  There's actually some automation to her Sushi-to-Robot transformation too.  When you press into the the square in her back, her head pops out and her legs fold out.

Her crossbow can nestle in her sashimi shield. 

This figure is pretty great.  My only complaints are that the articulation is too limited and her decals have a weak adhesive.  I will be gluing them all on.

The cardboard backing in the bubble packaging opens up and has a lot of instructions and graphics.

Here are some images of the rest of Sushi Squad Sharima,  There are seven full-size robots like Benny and three smaller Maki-soldiers.

Benny also comes with this little plate.  It's too small to use in her sushi form, so I'm not sure what its use is.  (I just looked at the graphics on the packing (duh!) and it looks like this is a spin-the-bottle type game.  You set it spinning and stop it with your finger, then I guess you add up the points you get??  I don't know my Japanese is limited to single Ganji I learned from my Bok Choy Boys collection.

She can also wear her sashimi shield on her back.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. So ridiculous and yet so awesome!

    1. My sentiments exactly! -- ps still haven't mailed your playmobil.. I'll remember it eventually