Monday, June 15, 2015


Imaginext Power Rangers - Pink & Yellow Rangers - Fisher-Price/Mattel 2015

Fisher-Price's super-popular Imaginext line has a knack for incorporating cool character licenses into its products. While the majority of their products seem to be original themes (like Castles, Dinosaurs, and Space), I think the most popular figures and playsets in recent years have been their DC Super Friends line. Other media tie-ins have included Spongebob Squarepants, Monster's Inc, and Toy Story, but DC  has outlasted and outshone them all. The first real competition in my opinion is the new Power Rangers theme. In a few short weeks on the shelves, I think these figures have completely won over all the Imaginext fans out there. For a property that is inherently vehicle-driven, it's surprising that there hasn't been a smaller-scale action figure series before (with corresponding zords of course). These toys are more playable and fun than any Power Rangers products I've ever seen. Now the test will be to see if the line can continue. There are pictures floating around of a second assortment, so it's looking good!

Here's the main gang to start us off.

Now let's take a closer look at Kimberly the Pink Ranger.  
She comes packaged with Tommy the Green Ranger.

Trini the Yellow Ranger comes with Jason the Red Ranger and also in a large vehicle set with her Sabre-Toothed Tiger Dinozord.

I love that they didn't skimp of the details differentiating these two characters.  The belt buckles and and skirt have definitely been overlooked in other toylines.

Just for good measure, here are the boys that round out the team.

All their weapons combine to form the Power Blaster.

Here are the girls with their enemy Rita Repulsa.



  1. Freakin...awesome!

    I wonder if they could work in Bulk & Skull :D

    1. I actually forgot about Bulk and Skull until I just googled them. It's amazing how I edited them out of my memories :)

  2. But the belt buckle is the morpher and should be the same on all 5... :/

    1. Very interesting. I think you're right, but the designs on these figures seem so intentional that they must have been working off some forgotten style guide. I found digital images of the sculpts and the buckle differences are definitely present in the design (ie.. not just a random molding error)

  3. I'm just glad I don't have any vested interest in Power Rangers, or I'd be screwed. I will be picking up whatever I can find on the garage sale circuit though in years to come!

    1. They way they are taking over all my local TRU locations, I'm sure by this time next year they will be all over the yard sales and flea markets. Kids these days are spoiled and go through toys so quickly. All my childhood toys fit into one shoebox and I still have them all (bulky GIJoe vehicles don't count!)