Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Imaginext Blind Bag Series 5 - Warrior Queen - Fisher-Price/Mattel 2015

If you would have told me five years ago that one of my biggest obsessions would be a Preschool toyline by Fisher-Price I would have called you mad. But after I bought my first Imaginext figure (Catwoman - way back in the Summer of 2011), I was kind of hooked. I think a major proponent behind my building anticipation for this line has been the extremely slow incorporation of females into the character lineup. There have been only one or two Imaginext females released each year since Catwoman. Of course, 2015 is shaping up to change all that. The blindbag Series 4 included two females, and now this surprise Series 5 contains another. Then there are three Power Rangers Ladies and an upcoming Cheetah in the Super Friends theme. That makes seven and it's only June. I'm guessing they'll be at least three more. The Woodland theme is just begging for a female elf or faerie, and the Rescue Heroes have yet to make Ariel or Maureen into figures. I can hope. Let's check out the Queen below!

The blindbag Series 5 started showing up in Walmarts a couple weeks ago completely unannounced.  That's another thrilling thing about Imaginext, they often don't announce things in advance.  You can actually be surprised in the toy aisles.  In this modern age of press releases and Toy Fair coverage, that is a total rarity.

The Warrior Queen comes with a sword and a crown/cowl/cape piece.  This piece is very reminiscent of the accessories included with the Precious Places princesses (aka "Imaginext for Girls").

The new series is pretty awesome.  I like the Skeleton Ghost and the Crash-Test Dummy.

The details on her boots remind me of She-Ra.  Kind of a blend of her classic cartoon look and her new comic styling.  Perhaps she could be a Battleground She-Ra.

Time for a Group Pic!

Here she is with the Witch and Snowboarder from Series 4.



  1. I freakin love Imaginext!

    I've been collecting the Batman/DC stuff for my nephew for years. I think my brother & his wife are going to going mad if I give their son another Batcave or Gotham city set! Though I am verrry tempted to get him the new giant Gotham set.

    I really love the Power Rangers sets too. Mini Rita! :D

    Very happy to see more females making it into the sets. Now if they can just give us a Batgirl I will be happy. Supergirl would be nice too....& Black Canary! Ok, I'll stop there.

    1. My wishlist lines up nicely with yours. I think Batgirl and Supergirl are a given at this point. Especially with the Supergirl show starting up. I've seen the next Power Rangers sets. White Ranger, regular sized Goldar, Lord Zedd, etc. I'm hoping to see Scorpina in the mix someday.