Saturday, June 6, 2015

WWE Elite Collection - PAIGE!

WWE Elite Collection: Series 34 - Paige - Mattel 2015

Paige is an English WWE wrestler who started her career at the shocking age of 13. She is the daughter of English professional wrestlers, Sweet Saraya (later Saraya Knight) and Ricky Knight.  In 2003, her father began a wrestling training school where Paige first began to experiment with the sport.  (Her brothers also fell into the famly business as the Zebra Kid and Zac Zociac).  In her first 6 years wrestling she traveled across Europe competing in a tremendous number of leagues and championships including WAW, WAWW, W3L, HEW, RDW, RQW, & PWF. She would win some, lose some, and often compete against her mother in the ring (inheriting her titles in the process). In 2011 Paige made her American debut with Shimmer Women Athletes and within a year was signed to the WWE. She has gone on to win numerous titles since them including WWE Divas Champion and NXT Women's Champion. For many fans, this figure was a long time coming.  Let's check out Paige's inaugural figure below!

In the (somewhat shadowy) packaging, I thought all the Paige figures I was seeing had a facial defect.  Then I realized she just had a lip ring.

Paige comes with her WWE Divas Championship Belt and her NXT Women Championship belt.

Here are a few shots of Paige from around the web.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with 2014's Trish Stratus and 2013's Rosa Mendes.



  1. Paige got a really awesome figure! The belts are nicely detailed too. I've been meaning to hunt one down.

    I didn't know most of that info about Paige herself so thanks for that!

    It had been quite some time since I bought a wrestling figure, but just last week I broke down & bought Lana/Rusev & Stephanie McMahon. Very happy to have them, though Lana is wayyy too tall.

    I still need Emma & Summer. I don't have either of Mattel's Trish Stratus figures...which is a poor effort as I loved Trish & really like those figures. I'll get to them someday! I just hope Mattel don't take too long to give us a Lita.

    1. You can thank Wikipedia for that fact-finding session. It was either that or I'd write about my lack of WWE knowledge haha. Summer is probably the next one I'll be able to find. She's showing up on ebay, but I still haven't seen her wave in stores.