Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Marvel Legends Comic-Style GAMORA!

Guardians of the Galaxy ML 5-Pack - Entertainment Earth Exc - Hasbro 2015

The success of 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy film has rocketed Gamora into one of the highest-profile Marvel ladies out there. As much as I enjoyed the film, I must admit I wasn't thrilled with Gamora's look. The lack of her signature golden eye-patches and her magenta-tipped hair just didn't appeal to me. The popularity of that look, however, is the only reason we would ever dream of seeing a gorgeous comic-accurate figure like I'm reviewing here today. There are a few different comic versions of Gamora. Most notable is her classic green "snakeskin" look, and her more modern white spacesuit, but this version (I always referred to it as the "cloaked Vampirella") has always been my favorite. This figure is fantastic. She looks sexy, formidable, and pissed off... just the way I always imagine her. Mine has a few paint flaws, but I can easily overlook them (and try to repair them) out of sheer awe that I'm holding a Legends style comic Gamora. It's an amazing time to be a nerd. Let's check her out below!

 It's become a major pet peeve of mine (since I began blogging that is) to have toy packaging that is too large for my photo tent.  You'll have to deal with the crappy packaged shots.

Gamora comes with two heads, a sword, a plastic cape, and a cloth poncho-type-thing.

This is my favorite look for this figure.  The new head (with the sculpted hood and slightly open mouth) and the plastic cape (without the cloth piece)

The back of my cape has multiple errant streaks of gold paint.

Her nose also has an accidental dab of gold on the tip, but it's somehow almost unnoticeable.  Some of the gold on her chest has also rubbed away.

The second head is a repainted Moonstone head.   In fact, aside from the belt, this version of the figure is a complete Moonstone repaint.

Dear Lord what is up with that poncho?  Regular readers will know I loathe cloth goods mixed in with my action figures.  But I honestly can't imagine how anyone could appreciate this accessory.

Just for kicks, here is the poncho underneath the plastic cape.  You know, just in case it might give a cool layered look.  Nope!

Here are some pics of the rest of the crew from the box set.  They are all slightly retooled or repainted versions of existing figures.

Here are some images of Gamora sporting this costume in the comics.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the whole team from the box set.

I believe these are the only other two figures we've seen in this suit:  a Heroclix, and a Minimate.

And with the snakeskin-suited Heroclix and Eaglemoss for good measure.

Here are three gorgeous body clones.  I realize we're probably going to see a lot of this body and head reused in the future, but as long as it's done well, I don't mind.

And finally, here she is with the movie Gamora.



  1. I can accept reusing the body even if I prefer clothing details to be sculpted, but recycling the same head for different characters is insultingly cheap.

    P.S. The boy word for feminist is feminist.

  2. Loving this Gamora. can't believe and old 70's dead character has become so popular. It gives me hope for some old favourite of mine (like Jocasta, Mantis, etc).
    And i agree, i don't get the poncho bit. Hate mixed clothed/plastic goods.

    1. Mantis would make an amazing figure! I know she's been involved in recent Guardians of the Galaxy comics, so there's actually a chance she'll make it into Marvel Legends.