Thursday, July 30, 2015

Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive - HELA!

Marvel Legends: Book of the Vishanti - SDCC Exclusive 5-Pack - Hasbro 2015

Hela is one of the first characters in comics to ever inspire awe in me.  In the 1980s I was obsessed with the New Mutants and Hela made a few memorable appearances in that series. She is the Queen of Hel (the Norse underworld) who often tried to extend her rule over Valhalla.  She is the daughter of Loki and frequent foe of Thor. In the New Mutants, she became entwined with Danielle Moonstar when Dani became a Valkyrie during the Asgardian Wars. Her appearances were villainous, creepy, and impressive.  She made quite a memorable impact on me - looming in the clouds over her armies of the dead.  Now we get to add her to the growing list of amazingly unexpected Marvel Legends characters in our collections.  Of course this figure makes me want an Enchantress, Sif, and female Thor in Legends scale more than ever.  With Thor: Ragnarok in the theatres in 2017, we might actually see a few of these. Here's hoping for more Norse ladies!  Let's check out Hela in detail below!

 The Book of the Vishanti packaging is out of this world.  It is designed to look like Dr. Strange's actual book of spells.  The first few pages are thick cardboard showing art of the characters within and brief bios written in script.  Then underneath the pages, all the actual figures are nestled in a red-flocked plastic tray for easy removal.

My one complaint is the cloth cape.  A sculpted cape with dramatic folds would have been nicer.

Hela's only true accessory is her sword (which is identical to the comic-style Gamora's sword).  But her two larger antler-like headpieces are removable, as is her shoulderpad-and-cape piece which attaches to her back with a peg.

She really is a gorgeous figure.

Here are some images of Hela from the comics.

The other members of this exclusive box set include an astral projection Dr. Strange, Dormammu, Brother Voodoo, and Magik.  All are fantastic figures.  As a group, they make great use of translucent plastics in really awesome ways.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her pack-mate, Magik.

And the whole 5-pack Book of the Vishanti gang.

And with two other random Marvel Legends ladies for reference: Medusa and Gamora.



  1. Cannot believe we have a Hela figure!! just awesome. That cloth cape is gone on mine. Im looking to re-shape an Odin cape made of plastic into her. Just gotta figure out how to shave the buckles and fit it with Hela's shoulder thingies.

    1. I don't know if you're good at sculpting, but I just bought a product called Sculpey Bake and Bend. Basically it's an oven-fired polymer clay that will be flexible after baking. I'm thinking to use it for custom hair and capes. I haven't tried it yet though. The Odin cape would probably work well, too... although it seems like it might be too heavy for her body.